Tory lynn wacuka - Lately

Tory lynn wacuka - Lately

Exclusive feature interview with the Tuneful, Melodic and Harmonic Tory Lynn. From her debut in performing covers to a multi genre song writer, performing and recording artist.

Pachagazine:  What’s your stage name?

Tory Lynn: Am referred to as Tory Lynn musically.

Pachagazine:  How would you describe Tory Lynn with a simple paragraph

Tory Lynn: Lynne Wangui, aged 22 popularly referred to as Tory Lynn is a young confident and talented woman, full of goals and determination to do Greater things. I am from Nakuru Kenya, a first born in a family of 6. Two brothers and one sister. I attended to pre-school, high school and collage in Nakuru. My mom is my biggest fun, I love her so much.

Am also a brand ambassador of a hair product called Mystique natural.

Pachagazine:  Which genre do you explore in music?

Tory Lynn: Am in Pop, RnB but I can do most genres.

Pachagazine:  Do you write your own pieces or you just a vocalist?

Tory Lynn: I write my own music sometimes with a bit of help.

Pachagazine:  How long have you been in music?

Tory Lynn: I officially started in 2018. I started with doing cover songs.

Pachagazine:  Do you work alone or you have a management team?

Tory Lynn: I am signed to Mpact muzik. An American music label, so I don’t work alone.

Pachagazine:  How long have you been working with Mpact muzik?

Tory Lynn: For a couple of years two, I guess.

Pachagazine:  How do you make your music unique?

Tory Lynn: My producer Mike Minor really understands my sound and so he makes Amazing beats for me that I am comfortable with that’s why my music is unique.

Pachagazine:  How many projects do you have released so far?

Tory Lynn: I have two projects released officially first one called Wacuka and the other one is called lately.

Pachagazine:  Tell us about your new jam ‘lately’.

Tory Lynn: Its something that I experienced. Its like that moment when you start feeling something for someone but because you can’t tell the person you sing and then hope that they’ll hear someday.

Pachagazine:  Who do you look up-to in your music career?

Tory Lynn: I look up to many people but mostly I’d say I look up to the old time RnB artist Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and many more also Tory Kelly inspires me. Their vocal capabilities are out of this world and that motivates me to do better every day.

Pachagazine:  Female celebrity find it a bit hard to penetrate into the male dominated industry, how would you describe your case?

Tory Lynn: Uhm still at the starting point so I am yet to know how that will go down, but I pray that God will help me.

Pachagazine:  Do you do anything else apart from music or you are in music full time.

Tory Lynn: I do music full time but I love fashion so that is what am getting into step by step

Pachagazine:  Why did you transition from doing covers to writing and recording your own music

Tory Lynn: Because I felt like I needed to give people more of me, let people identify the real me and my capabilities.

Pachagazine:  How can people find your music?

Tory Lynn: You can find my music in Spotify, apple music, iTunes, Google play, shazam and Audiomak

Pachagazine:  And how can people find you on social media?

Tory Lynn: You can follow me on

Instagram: tory_lyn

Tiktok: @torylyn

Twitter: @LynntoryLynn

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