Gcleff is a musical group consisting of four gents and Three ladies based I Dagoretti, Nairobi Kenya. we met around 2017 and majority of us we’ve been childhood friends so we had a common interest in music. The main aim of creating the group was at least to explore and bring a different sound in the industry also nurture talents so the group consists of 3 vocalists 3 rappers and a guitarist.

Pachagazine: Who are the members of the group?

we have Kendrick (rapper), Kenna (rapper) robe Kel (rapper) Jackline(vocalist) Ian(guitarist), Abby (vocalist) and Gladys (vocalist) we also have a member who’s abroad. He’s known as Lunkus.

Pachagazine: What’s the idea behind the naming of the group?

Gcleff: Gcleff is a symbol that is located in most music pitches so we wanted something unique and something that will make fans recognise us and feel our vibe

Pachagazine: Is the group under any management or it is self managed?

Gcleff: Yeah, we are under management but the term is we do have a matron and a patron of sought.

Pachagazine: How many projects do you have as Gcleff?

Gcleff: Two.

Pachagazine: Why two songs in three years?

Gcleff: Majority of our members were in school for some time so we had gone in a brief hiatus so we’re back and as per now we’re working on new projects. We’ve already recorded some so expect something soon.

Pachagazine: Which type of music does the group make?

Gcleff: We don’t have any specific genre we fuse close to everything from rap to vernacular.

Pachagazine: You also mentioned that you also do vernacular, does that mean you all come from one ethical group?

Gcleff: Not necessarily one ethical tribe or stuff but we fuse vernacular and English, Swahili, sheng so that at least we target even the senior most citizens.

Pachagazine: When do you plan to release your next project.

Gcleff: Very soon let’s say before end of the year.

Pachagazine: Why take long, while your competitors release weekly or monthly?

Gcleff: We don’t rush, we want to release something quality, something fans out there will appreciate so it’s worth the wait.

Pachagazine: Some of you also do single projects, what difference does it bring working as Gcleff?

Gcleff: Yeah, some of us do single projects because by the end of the day we are all artists, the difference is that we create a new sound and also combine our fan bases so that at least we can brand ourselves as Gcleff.

Pachagazine: Don’t you think this will bring a conflict of interest between members since it will come to a point where one or some of the crew member will think they are greater than the rest?

Gcleff: It does happen to many groups, but every one shows the zeal and determination to push Gcleff agenda.

Pachagazine: What do you do differently to make Gcleff stand out musically?

Gcleff: What makes us be conspicuous is that we don’t have a specific genre we are diverse and regardless of their age, people are able to relate with our music.

But some people have compared our style to that of Camp Mulla who’s now defunct. Hopefully we can resurrect the 25flow vibe since gengetone is the genre people are concentrating on nowadays.

Pachagazine: What’s the groups expectation in the near future?

Gcleff: Am our expectations is one day to release an album and at least we be somewhere in the Kenyan music chats.

Pachagazine: What are your social handles?


  •  IG: D-south entertainment
  • fb: D-south entertainment
  • YouTube subscribe @ D-south entertainment

Pachagazine: Where can people find your music?

Gcleff: Youtube and mdundo. soon will be in iTunes and Amazon

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