In a surprising move, President William Ruto has today dismissed all his cabinet secretaries, triggering a significant political shake-up. The decision, announced earlier today, has sent shockwaves through the government and the public alike.

The president’s office has yet to provide a detailed explanation for the mass dismissal, but sources close to the administration suggest that the move is part of a broader strategy to address ongoing political and administrative challenges.

“The president has decided to relieve all cabinet secretaries of their duties effective immediately. This decision is aimed at restructuring the government to better serve the needs of the people,” a statement from the State House read.

This unexpected development comes at a time of heightened political tension in Kenya, with public dissatisfaction over various issues, including economic challenges and governance. President Ruto’s decisive action signals a significant shift in his administration’s approach to tackling these problems.

The president is expected to announce new appointments in the coming days, with a focus on bringing in fresh talent and perspectives to his administration. This move is seen by some as an attempt to reinvigorate his government and restore public confidence.

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