In a statement made on July 10, Moses Kuria, addressed the growing calls for President William Ruto’s resignation. Responding to the popular chant, “Ruto must go,” Kuria emphasized the importance of democratic processes and the upcoming elections.

“People are saying Ruto must go, but Ruto didn’t come. He was elected and there is another election coming. The only way for Ruto to go is through the vote. The only way to send him home is by exercising the democratic will of the people,” Kuria stated.

His remarks highlight a critical aspect of democratic governance, reminding citizens that the power to elect and remove leaders lies in their hands. Kuria’s statement comes at a time of heightened political tension and public dissatisfaction, with many Kenyans voicing their concerns over the current administration’s performance.

The sentiment on the ground reflects a deep-seated frustration among the populace, but Kuria’s message underscores the importance of engaging in the electoral process as the legitimate avenue for change. As the nation approaches the next election cycle, these words serve as a reminder of the democratic principles that form the bedrock of Kenya’s political system.

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