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StoreDot and Polestar achieved a breakthrough in EV technology by unveiling the first 10-minute electric vehicle charge using Silicon-dominant XFC cells in a Polestar 5. Achieving 10% to 80% charge in 10 minutes with a peak rate over 370kW, this innovation aligns with future widespread EV adoption by drastically reducing charging times and anxiety. The demonstration marks a significant step towards commercializing StoreDot’s fast charging solution, indicating progressive milestones ahead, including more efficient charging capabilities planned through 2028.

StoreDot and Polestar Unveil Groundbreaking 10-Minute EV Car Charging

In a pioneering showcase of innovation, StoreDot and Polestar collaborated to present the world’s first 10-minute electric vehicle (EV) charge. The demonstration featured a Polestar 5 equipped with StoreDot’s XFC cells, boasting a 77kWh battery pack that charged from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes. Throughout the test, the vehicle maintained a consistent charge rate exceeding 310kW, reaching a peak of over 370kW. Rigorous monitoring of cell parameters such as temperature, voltage, and charged capacity ensured the battery pack never exceeded the targeted operating temperature set by the engineering teams.

StoreDot’s remarkable ‘drop-in’ capability enables seamless integration into existing car models, ushering in an era of extreme fast charging utilizing readily available charging infrastructure, rather than relying on proprietary chargers.

This groundbreaking demonstration of a 10-minute charge utilizing silicon-dominant battery cells in an electric vehicle represents an unprecedented leap in charging speeds. Such advancements promise to alleviate consumer charging anxiety, a significant barrier to widespread EV adoption.

A standout feature of the silicon-based anode technology is its capacity to continually push the boundaries of both energy density and charging rate across multiple battery generations. In contrast, conventional graphite anodes are nearing their theoretical performance limits, impeding further progress. StoreDot’s silicon design offers a critical pathway to ongoing innovation in areas such as extreme fast charging.

This breakthrough, made possible by StoreDot’s advanced XFC battery cells, marks another significant milestone in the company’s journey toward commercialization. It underscores the maturity, stability, and durability of StoreDot’s transformative technology, while setting the stage for widespread adoption of XFC batteries across the industry.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, expressed enthusiasm about the achievement, emphasizing the partnership with Polestar, a forward-thinking car brand committed to high-performance vehicles with a sustainable future. He highlighted the pivotal role of XFC as a necessary standard for enabling widespread EV adoption. With StoreDot’s extreme fast charging technology, drivers can add 200 miles of range in under 10 minutes, revolutionizing the EV ownership experience by eliminating range and charging anxiety.

Looking ahead, StoreDot has outlined ambitious milestones for 2024, including the demonstration showcased today. Future plans include shipping prismatic B-samples to OEMs and securing strategic manufacturing agreements.

With its production-ready XFC cells set to deliver 100 miles of range in 5 minutes this year, StoreDot remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the EV charging landscape. The company aims to achieve 100 miles of range in 4 minutes by 2026 and 100 miles in just 3 minutes by 2028, promising further transformative advancements in electric vehicle technology.

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