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WhatsApp users will soon send pictures and files without internet. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that enables users to share photos, videos, music, and more even when offline.

WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, is poised to revolutionize the way users share files with a groundbreaking new feature: offline file sharing. In a move that could transform how people exchange media and documents, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that enables users to share photos, videos, music, and more even when offline.

According to reports from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is actively developing this feature to facilitate seamless file sharing without the need for an internet connection. What’s more, the shared files will be encrypted, ensuring their security and integrity throughout the transmission process.

Leaked screenshots from the latest WhatsApp beta for Android shed light on the permissions required to enable this innovative feature. Among these permissions is the ability to detect nearby devices supporting offline file sharing via Bluetooth. While users will have the option to toggle this access on or off, it underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to leveraging local connectivity for enhanced user experiences.

In addition to scanning for nearby devices, WhatsApp will need permissions to access system files and the photo gallery on users’ devices. Location permission is also required to ascertain the proximity of other devices for potential connections. Despite these permissions, WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy by masking phone numbers and encrypting shared files, ensuring end-to-end security.

This offline file-sharing capability mirrors the functionality of peer-to-peer file-sharing apps like ShareIT, which have long enabled users to exchange files locally without relying on cellular or Wi-Fi networks. With WhatsApp users frequently exchanging a diverse array of media files and documents, this feature promises to streamline the sharing process while enhancing security measures.

While WhatsApp has yet to announce an official rollout date for this feature, its presence in beta testing suggests that its launch may be imminent. As WhatsApp continues to innovate and evolve, this feature holds the potential to significantly enhance the file-sharing experience for millions of users worldwide, ushering in a new era of convenience and security in messaging.

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