Thieves Employ New Tactics in car Theft.
It is important to be cautious of a new car theft tactic that thieves are using in parking lots.

The thieves place an empty plastic bottle between the tire and body of the target car, specifically on the right side (or left side for right-hand drive cars).

When the car owner returns and starts driving, they hear the sound of the bottle bursting, which causes them to investigate the noise.

At this point, the car is unlocked, the driver door is open, the engine is running, and the driver has stepped out. This is when the thief seizes the opportunity to steal items from the car or even steal the entire vehicle. This trick is simple yet dangerous, as it puts the car owner at risk if a confrontation occurs during the theft.

To protect yourself from this tactic and prevent car theft in general, it is crucial to remain vigilant. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in parking lots or unfamiliar areas.

Remember to lock your car doors and close the windows even for short periods of time. Park your vehicle in well-lit areas and consider installing a car alarm system. Additionally, keep valuable items out of sight or take them with you when leaving your car.

If you encounter a suspicious noise or situation, assess it carefully before exiting your vehicle. Consider investing in additional security measures if you live in a high-theft area. By being cautious and taking preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to car theft.

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