In this Pachagazine feature, we delve into the enigmatic world of this gifted wordsmith, uncovering the inspirations, aspirations and the very essence of his...

Captivating the hearts and minds of readers with his eloquent verses and profound insights, Lewis stands as a beacon of poetic brilliance in our modern world. With each carefully crafted line, he weaves a tapestry of emotions inviting us to embark on a journey of self discovery and reflection. Lewis’ poetic prowess transcends boundaries, resonating deeply with individuals from all walks of life. In this Pachagazine feature, we delve into the enigmatic world of this gifted wordsmith, uncovering the inspirations, aspirations and the very essence of his artistry.  Prepare to be enchanted by the enchanting verses and timeless wisdom that flow from the pen of Lewis, a true maestro of the written word.

Pachagazine: What is your name and your brand’s name?

Lewis: My name is Lewis Wamwanda, I use that as my Brand.

Pachagazine: Tell us more about Lewis Wamwanda

Lewis: Lewis Wamwanda is a poet and social Media Marketing strategist. He has written four anthologies of poems namely: Reflections(2018), Yours Truly (2019), When I Marry Rimanto (2020) and Remind Me to Forget (2022). He is the founder of The Writers Pen Publishers and was nominated for the Founder of The Year Awards in the year 2021 and 2022. Lewis Wamwanda’s poetry has featured in many sites including: Poetrysoup, Kistretch Magazine 7th Edition, Spillwords, The Campus Magazine, Arthut, The Giant Pen among others. He believes in Awakening Dreams

Pachagazine: Wow. That is amazing. What got you to poetry?

Lewis: I started writing while I was in Class four. I remember our teacher of English gave us an assignment to write poems, I wrote one about our dog and scored the highest score, that was when I realized I could write. I started writing professionally while I was in my first year in campus.

Pachagazine: Wow that is great. Can you tell us how many years you’ve been in the Poetry industry?

Lewis: Professionally, this is my 5th year of writing, I have published 5 books so far.

Pachagazine: Wow. Congratulations on that. Have you ever been in a position where you felt like giving up on poetry?

Lewis: Not really. I am inspired by day to day life, everyday, I find a reason to write and learn.I read a lot of poetry and listen to spoken words a lot.

Pachagazine: What achievements have you had in the poetry sector?

Lewis: I have participated in many contests in the past and worn awards, I won 2 awards in Asian Literary Society back in 2019. I have also featured in magazines, international anthologies and Local Televisions (TV 47 and KTN)

Pachagazine: That is nice. Who do you look up to in poetry?

Lewis: I am deeply inspired by Rupi Kaur and Rubi Fransisco

Pachagazine: That is great. Are you content with your poetry right now or you are aiming for more.

Lewis: I want to participate in more contests, write as many books as possible and even teach people how to write.

Pachagazine: Amazing. As you’ve said above on teaching people, Do you teach poetry?

Lewis: I used to teach, but later stepped down to pursue business and improve my personal life. I will start teaching as soon as I finish my current projects.

Pachagazine: What challenges do you face as a poet?

Lewis: Pliagiarism. Many people share my poems without acknowledging me. Sometimes they give credits to themselves as writers.

Pachagazine: If you can change anything in poetry, what would it be?

Lewis: I would change people’s mindset towards poetry and make them embrace more poetry and see how easy it is.

Pachagazine: What is your best piece in poetry?

Lewis: I don’t have the best and the worst, I believe all my pieces are best, every new poem comes with it’s own experience and uniqueness.

Pachagazine: Kindly share it with us


Title: I Am A Storm

“What will happen when I leave?”

She asked.

” I will break, into small uneven pieces,

My heart will shutter, blow out, bleed out”

I smiled

“What will happen afterwards.”

Her eyes avoided mine

“I will sit down, patiently,

I will pick the broken pieces

One by one, wash them

Wipe them, till they sparkle clean”

“I will fix the smaller pieces

Bond them together

I will fix my bleeding heart

That no one, not even you

Will ever break them again”

“I am the storm!

The fire!”


Pachagazine: Tell us more about the piece what was the inspiration and why is it the best?

Lewis: As I said earlier, I believe every poem I write has its own uniqueness, they are all the best, for this piece, I wanted to pass a message that, sometimes in our low moments and when we are forsaken, we need to rise up on our own. I used heartbreak because it is easily understood by everyone.

Pachagazine: Poetry aside for a bit, what is your relationship status?

Lewis: I am engaged and also a father of one.

Pachagazine: Wow Happy for you. What’s your take on the poetry industry in Kenya.Poetry holds a significant place in Kenyan literature and has played a role in expressing social, political, and cultural issues throughout the years. The poetry industry in Kenya has witnessed growth and development, with poets gaining recognition both locally and internationally.

There has also been a rise of spoken word poetry and poetry organizations that provide a platform for poets to showcase their talent and engage with audiences. For instance we have Poetry After Lunch, an organization that supports poets

Pachagazine: Amazing. Have you performed your poetry anywhere?

Lewis: Yes, at KTN and Kistretch Poetry Festival. Though I do more of writing than performing.

Pachagazine: That is great. What has poetry taught you?

Lewis: That art can take you places and you can earn from your art.

Poetry gives you a third eye to your surroundings and society, you get to have a clear and creative mind in order to write. Poetry gives you control of your emotions and helps you pass information to the society in a creative way.

Pachagazine: So far, have you earned from poetry?

Lewis: Yes, As I said earlier, I have been teaching poetry and also, I have written 5 books that have been sold worldwide. I also write poems for occasions on request at a fee.

Pachagazine: Wow, impressive. What can you tell the upcoming generation of poets?

Lewis: Keep writing, participate in as many anthologies, contests and events. You don’t know who is watching. There’s power in your words, Keep awakening those dreams.

Pachagazine: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Lewis: I want to write as many books as possible, have the biggest publishing house and a creative writing school.

Pachagazine: Amazing. Kindly share with us your social media links

Lewis: One can use this link to get to my social Media platforms and portfolio.

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