Pastor Ezekiel is one of Kenya’s fastest growing preachers. He was Kenya’s first preacher to fill the Kasarani Stadium.

Pastor Ezekiel fills Kasarani stadium to capacity.

What has shocked many Kenyans is the fact that the pastor owns his billion shilling house in Mombasa, built to house more than 500 of his people.

Pastor Ezekiel built his house with the tithing he collected at his church. He wanted to bring heaven to this earth.

Pictured is his villa on the 3 hectares of land he paid for in cash. It is a house with a modern design, which is rare in the countryside. A pastor prays for the death of Mpango Wa Cand. He also prays for marriage and prophesies whether your marriage will last or die.

New life worship and prayer center Church

The Church Complex appears to be a conglomeration of seven warehouses fused together, stretching as far as the eye can see.

At full capacity, it has the potential to accommodate at least 45,000 congregants.

Below is a video and photos of his mega church and mansion.

Exterior view of New Life worship and prayer center Church
New life worship and prayer center inside view

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