Shaffie Weru is a radio DJ, MC, performer, and TV personality from Kenya who is renowned for his luxury and opulent lifestyle. Age He was born on May 25 in Nairobi's infamous Kibera slum.

Shaffie Weru is a radio DJ, MC, performer, and TV personality from Kenya who is renowned for his luxury and opulent lifestyle.


He was born on May 25 in Nairobi’s famous Kibera slum.


Three siblings—two boys and a girl—follow Shaffie as the firstborn. He was raised by his Nubian mother and Kikuyu father, although she had a stronger impact on him. He can comprehend Kikuyu and talks Nubian, but he cannot speak it.Education

Weru enrolled in Chuka High School in 1994 and earned a B. After graduating in 1999 with a major in TV and radio production, he later earned a diploma in mass communication from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.


Royal Media Services, is where he began his career as a journalist, he later worked as a sports reporter and producer up until 2001. In a highly well-liked morning program for Kiss FM before Kalekye Mumo left the station, Shaffie then made the switch to radio. Then he collaborated with Homeboyz Radio and Adelle Onyango. He is currently hosting NRG Transist show with DJ Pierra and Kamene Goro.

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He has also hosted a program on Switch TV. People have complained about the language and subjects he covers in his broadcasts and found them inappropriate. Shaffie then consented to substitute those words with coded language. Despite this, he has developed into one of the nation’s top media figures.

Love Life and Marriage

He was previously reported to be dating Debbie Asila, but the two called it quits for unclear reasons after about a year of dating and being engaged to be married. His first daughter, Milan, was born as a result of their relationship. After Marya ended her relationship with his friend Mustapha, he was also said to be dating the musician.

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Shaffie´s first daughter, Milan, resides in California.

Shaffie Weru and first daughter, Milan

July 2018, saw the media personality take a trip to California, to celebrate his daughter´s 13th birthday, which shows they too are tight.

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Before he ultimately revealed that he was married to Jada Mwihaki, a lot of people conjectured about his love life. Tyron and Nia, his son and daughter from Jada, are his other two children. Given that he handed his daughter $5, his devotion for his children is well known. Other events have demonstrated his unwavering devotion to the children, which he balances with his party.

Shaffie Weru and Wife with their two kids Nia and Tyron


Shaffie has a reputation for being a bad guy and a party animal. Therefore, many people were not shocked by the incident in which he propositioned Vera Sidika’s breasts after an interview. Although nothing about what transpired thereafter is known, there are rumors that he frequently sees her. He is particularly famous for his conflict with Maina Kageni, whom he called a “home wrecker” on the latter’s well-known morning show.


It is therefore not surprising that he makes over KES500,000 each month given that he is one of the well-known media celebrities. He boasts of his affluence, yet his spending shows it all.


Shaffie owns a motorbike with a Ksh 700,000 price tag. Due to his most recent Range Rover Sport, he is admired by the majority of his friends. He also has a 2007 Discovery and a BMW X6 from the first generation. Although the Kenyan is aware that January is a challenging month, he does not experience financial hardship.

Net Worth

Weru has a net worth of roughly 60 million dollars.

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