Pachagazine: Who is Til Kumari for someone who hasn’t heard about you?

Ms. Til Kumari Sharma was born in  Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, West Nepal.

She is known as Pushpa ( youngest daughter ) too. Her parents are Mr. Hari Prasad Basel Sharma ( Mayor of Village Assembly in the time of Kingdom ) and Mrs. Liladevi  Bhusal Bashyal/ Basel.

She has her school as ( Shree ) Janata Ma.Vi. Bhorle, Parbat  I.A. from People’s Campus, Paknajol, Kathmandu. She has her B.A. from R.R. Campus Pradarshani Marg,  Kathmandu. B.Ed. ( Eng. and Pop.) from T. U. Kirtipur  and  M.A from Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur.  L.L.B from Nepal Law Campus Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu. Her PhD is in English Literature from Singhania University  Pacheri Bari, Jhunjhunu in  Rajasthan ( India).

She was  not allowed to study PhD by her  own country and she  went to India. She has published many  thousands of poems, essays, stories and other  literary writings ( in  Amazon. com from Russia,   England,  Scotland, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago , Spain, India  and others ) from Nepal & different countries  of world.

It is wonder that her own relatives and  major national newspapers ( media ) do not  write for her international  achievement even she is rewarded in the world  as best writer. Now she is world  famous author and  poet/ poetess.  She is the featured poet in World -renowned Cellist  Yo Yo Ma in America.

Pachagazine: How long have you been writing?
Til Kumari: 18 Years

Pachagazine: Why choose to be a feminist author?
Til Kumari: Females are victimized physically, morally, mentally, and socially. They are identified with father, brothers, husband and sons. Where is female identity in this world ? Searching our identity in the world is my aim of writing.

Pachagazine: Do you work with any publisher or you are independent?
Til Kumari: I have worked work with Dikshanta Publishers of Kirtipur,
Birahaspati and Shiv Publication of Bagbazaar Kathmandu to write reference books of college for few years. Now I am currently pursuing my PhD . Yes I am independent.

Pachagazine: What motivated you to been an author?
Til Kumari:I wanted to teach in higher level. But people employed in lower level of class. Then l left and I began my writing poems.

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges you encountered when you were starting
Til Kumari: There were many challenges. Among them, the bitter criticisms from few friends and relatives were there. People criticized me badly seeing me as ignorant.

The world is filled with money -oriented people. When they noticed my economic crisis, they dominated me. Then that domination to me was immediate action of writing. I broke my silence in paper by writing to challenge the society and critics.

Pachagazine: Do you have a mentor? Who do you look up to as a role model?
Til Kumari: No one was there to advise me properly. People joked me. My alienation is my huge source to write. I can not spend one day with joy of materialistic life. My extreme joy seems to come in my insanity of writing.

Pachagazine: How would you describe the industry so far with your 18 years of dwelling?
Til Kumari: I think that the industry needs more people. Development of industry will make work and communication easy.The industry is generally good with balance of nature and culture.

Pachagazine: How do you make sure your work stands out?
Til Kumari: I am sure that I love to write the words of humanity. That humanity is my pillar to stand with all people equally, ethically and morally.

I know that human from other parts of the world are conscious about art of equality. In my writing, kindness melts to bring equality and I am happy to see all with smiling faces without crisis of anything. There is no boarder in humanity and writing.

I pour my writing to rub tears of poor and victimized people. Perhaps that humanity in writings stands out beyond boarders too.

Pachagazine: How many publication do you have so far?
Til Kumari: I have published ten literary books in Nepal with 6000 poems and few essays and stories. I have composed poems in anthologies of India, England, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, North Africa and others with Amazon.
Few of my anthologies are in Amazon best selling books.

Pachagazine: What avenues do you sell your books?
Til Kumari: In my country I sell by going in school and colleges and libraries. Outside the anthology I sell on amazon.

Pachagazine: What’s your favorite book?
Til Kumari: My favourite book is Flower of Pushpayatra in Leadership of World.

Pachagazine: What are some of your achievements
Til Kumari: I got many certificates from Kenya ( Group of Street Prophet), certificate of best writer of world from South Africa and many certificates from other countries. Thousands of certificates are collected from different groups and anthologies.

I was honored as Nepali writer from West Bengal India. I was honored as good writer from Janakpur Nepal. I was invited as literary warrior from Uram Pokhara, Parbat Nepal. These are my huge achievement. There may be other.

Pachagazine: How would you advise anyone who wants to follow your footsteps?
Til Kumari: Be humble and honest to be good human. Feel free to write and talk without gender issue. Essential thing is to be ethical and moral. Keep you busy in creative writing of her/ his own. Struggle teaches you to be huge thinker and original writer. Never loss hope in huge complexities of life.

Pachagazine: How can people find you on social media
Til Kumari: Til Kumari Sharma on all social platforms and Amazon.

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