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Kaushiki Sarkar is an earthling since 11th May, 2004. She hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She is Nyctophiliac. Darkness, moon and stars soothes her soul. She buried her thoughts and emotions inside her until she started writing. Writing is her antidote and passion.

An exclusive interview featuring iconic young and ambitious writer, entrepreneur and poetess Kaushiki Sarkar on Pachagazine.

Describe Kaushiki Sarkar in three words

Strong, Fearless and Beautiful

Tell us more about you as a brand 

Hello Everyone!!! I am Kaushiki Sarkar from the City Of Joy Kolkata, India. I am the founder of Enchanted Books Publication, Inksteady Creative and Enchanted Stories Of The World Communities.

I am a Nyctophiliac. Darkness, moon and stars soothes my soul. I’m also a Naturalist and Social Worker. In my spare time I love to research about old books, libraries, authors and different places.

What first got you in to being an author?

I buried my thoughts and emotions inside, until I started writing. Actually I’m an introvert person and I rarely used to talk with anyone about myself or what I feel. No one was there to hear me so through writing I poured my heart out.

Most of the time I prefer to be alone and explore new things. So, one day I started writing to express my thoughts. Slowly writing became my antidote and passion.

How long have you been in to writing?

Nearly 7 years

What do you mostly write about?

I write on various topic like love, relationships, motivation, social problems, nature, body positivity etc.

I write what I feel and believe. Whatever goes inside my mind I express it through writing. I let my thoughts breathe through writing.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

At present, I truly admire the works of Ashish Bagrecha. But there are some great authors and poets whose life has inspired me a lot like William Wordsworth, J.K. Rowling, Tennessee Williams, Emily Dickinson etc.

What are some of the challenges you face in writing?

To be honest there are no such challenges I face in writing but 3 years ago when I was completely new to this industry I had faced numerous barriers and I had to struggle a lot. Many people tried to stop me, backstab me. It was really difficult for me to trust someone. Sometimes I thought to give up but then I used to remind myself why I started. Also, I realized that no matter what you do or wherever you go there will be people to hate you and stop you from reaching your goal. So just ignore them and move on.

Do you have competition? How would you describe it?

As a writer, No. This is because I believe every writer is different. Each and every writer writes what they believe, think and feel. It cannot be compared. Each and every writer is unique.

But as an Entrepreneur, Yes.

How would you describe the books you compose and how do they stand out?

Till date I have compiled 8 anthologies. Each and every anthology is based on different themes like self love, soulmates, faith, motivation etc.

I am planning to launch my solo book few years later.

What avenues do you sell out your books?

My anthologies are available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Whats your best book you’ve written so far?

Soulmates Until The Last Star Fades is an anthology and according to me, my best compilation.

What inspires your compositions?

My thoughts, my life and this mysterious world inspires me.

Do you write alone or you work with co-authors partners?

Most of the time I write alone. Sometimes I collaborate or write as co-author.

Do you have any upcoming projects?publications or events?

Right now no such but recently on 9th June, 2022 I opened my own publication. So, right now I am focusing to grow my publication. Also I am working on my solo book.

What else do you do apart from being an author?

I am a social worker and painter. I have also worked with many NGOs.

Which mistake can you advice against any artist that want to follow your footsteps against?

I just want to give a small message to all my readers, that is life is like a rollercoaster. We all have to face difficulties and obstacles to achieve something and fulfill our dreams. Sometimes we think to give up but at that moment we should think why we started, about our journey, the struggles and obstacles we faced and how far we have came. Maybe it’s taking time to achieve your goals but one day you will realize it was all worth it.

Just believe in yourself and your dreams. Never give up.

Remember, great things take time.

And Be Your Own Inspiration.

What’s the advantage and disadvantage of being an author?

According to me, there is a great advantage of being an author and that is whenever you feel lonely, you are in pain or you want to share something you can always express it through writing beautifully. Also, you get to experience life a lot.

Also, there is a famous poem, ‘We Are The Music Makers’ written by O’Shaughnessy’s. The main theme of the poem is that the poet is encouraging the readers to dream like artists who shape the world through their imaginative capabilities. The transformative power of art, the ability of the artists to cause changes and the timelessness of art are the major concerns in the poem.

Now the common disadvantages or challenges that every writer faces is that rejection, isolation, you have to be your own salesperson and some sacrifices you need to make and many more.

Every writer faces different kinds of challenges but nothing can be more peaceful than writing and reinventing life.

What are some of your achievements as an author?

She was featured in the Cover Story of RK Magazine (May Edition 2022).

Her article and write-ups were featured in various magazines such as, Taare Zameen Par, Elysian Magazine, Feather and Tridesta Magazine.

Her interview is featured in an international magazine, Passion Review as Writer Of The Month.  

She has been awarded Ambitious Awards, Ace Of Initiative awards, Spotlight Awards, Global Iconic Women Awards, Shahanshah Got Talent Award, Sparkling Scribbler Of The Year 2021, Crystal Of The Year Award, Invincible Persona Award, Lost Pearl Oyster Award,  International Women’s Laureate Award, LA Iconica Awards 2022 and Indian Stardom Awards.

Her write-up was featured in The Diaspora Times Global.

Her interview was featured in Daily Hunt and Weekly Mail.

Her article was featured in various press sites such as, Zee5, India Flux, Hindustan Metro, HI Times, RB Live, Webstory India, Medium News, Air India News, Delhi Updates, Ed Times, Daily Hunt, Google News, Fox Interviewer, Hi Times, The Asian Herald, UK Times Now, Atlanta News World, London Journal News, The New York Express, Jio News, Punjab Metro, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Medium Shorts, Khabri and Pixstory.

On Google search she was featured as Nyctophiliac Kaushiki Sarkar Or Multi-talented writer from Kolkata.

She was selected as Top 5 Indian Budding Writers, Top 10 Most Amazing Indian Authors 2021 and Top 40 Most Talented Indian Writers 2021.

She has won numerous writing contests and achieved many titles.  

Have you ever felt like quitting?

Yes. There were days when I thought to give up but every time I reminded myself why I started and how far have I came. I remembered my struggles and motivated myself. Even now also sometimes when I feel like to give up or I feel exhausted, I just look back on how far have I came.

Whats your worst experience?

Many incidents happened but from each incident I learned something. I always try to look on the brighter side. Those worst experiences of my past helped me to grow as a person. Those worst experiences made me stronger. So, I always look on the bright side of life as somethings in life are bad and in future also maybe I have to face more difficult or bad situation as future is unknown. So, I just try to look on the positive side and mainly try to learn from my mistakes. I don’t think about the worst experiences or let it control me but surely I learn from my experiences for a better future.

 The most joyous moments of being an author?

When I started writing, I never thought that people will connect with my write-ups or it will motivate them. But slowly when I started positing them on social media platforms, readers appreciated my write-ups. Even I used to receive messages from readers that they were having a tough day but after reading my write-up, they were motivated. So through writing I started motivating people. Being a creative person I used my power of writing to motivate others. Through writing I spread social awareness and body positivity. I try to make this world a better place for all.

How can people find you or your projects online?

People can find me on instagram as @__tok_jhal_misti__

Readers can connect with me and read my write-ups via Instagram.

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