mchoraji clarice on pachagazine

mchoraji clarice on pachagazine

Triggering worlds attention by the use of graphite Pachagazine brings to you an exclusive interview with creative Clarice Mochoraji as she takes as through her career journey.

Mchoraji Clarice alongside Kaligraph

Pachagazine: What’s your brand name and real name?

Mchoraji Clarice:

Pachagazine: My brand name is Mchoraji_clarice (MC)

Real name Clarice Apiyo

Pachagazine: Tell as about  Mchoraji Clarice

Mchoraji Clarice: Mchoraji Clarice is one young lady aged 22, a passionate artist  who focus towards what’s she does and  am looking forward to archive her dream.

Pachagazine: When did you discover your competence in speaking with a pen?

Mchoraji Clarice: Since childhood , it’s my born talent.

Pachagazine: Who inspired you into drawing as a career?

Mchoraji Clarice: Me personally, my passion towards it drove me crazy. It made me want to do  more  about it.

Pachagazine: What’s the creativity behind  your portraits?

Mchoraji Clarice: The fact that am using graphite to create an image.

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges artist like you face while finding the way through the industry?

Mchoraji Clarice: Money, pressure from some clients and Mockery from people.

Pachagazine: Tell us about your portrait for the OG khaligraph Jones and how you came to meet him.

Mchoraji Clarice: It was a journey with this portrait ,I was communicating with the manager and the communication wasn’t that good.

Khaligraph Jones potrait by Mchoraji Clarice

He was a was a busy  man ,I had to keep reminding him and convincing him for this chance. It took me like one and a half year to just   keep waiting for khaligraph Johns work to be delivered, though I used like 4 to 5 days drawing it. It took a year and a half to deliver it. My consistency made me meet him and God above all.

Pachagazine: Whats your Best portrait?

Mchoraji Clarice: Each and every portrait I do is my best and special to me because it’s me who drew them and what makes all the portrait best for me it’s because  I managed  to learn something from each portrait I did and they are unique in a different way hence I face different challenges from them. So all the portrait I do are best for me and unique differently.

Pachagazine: Most of your portraits are of people mostly celebrities, what’s the reason behind it. Do you draw other things?

Mchoraji Clarice: Yeah I draw clients too. I do not choose. Drawing celebrities is my own project but I still earn Income from it, it’s a just like marketing myself to everyone.

Pachagazine: How much did you sell your first portrait?

Mchoraji Clarice: 600 sh. It was a small painting had do e it in an a4 size paper.

Pachagazine: What’s the most expensive you’ve sold?

Mchoraji Clarice: 30 k.

Pachagazine: What’s the price range of your portraits?

Mchoraji Clarice: 2500 smallest size ,to 30 k

Pachagazine: Is there any artist you look up to in your career?

Mchoraji Clarice: For now no, Because each artist is unique.

Pachagazine: How do you market your work?

Mchoraji Clarice: Through social media , online, friends .

Pachagazine: What would you tell an upcoming artist who looks up to you ?

Mchoraji Clarice: Never give up, focus on your dream, work smart, aim higher,have persistence, practice each and every time, challenge yourself. Be ready to risk, pray each day. Never dare listen to haters that should only make you strong. sit with great minds.

Pachagazine: Who is that person you would like do draw or meet or both?

Mchoraji Clarice:


  • churchillndambuki
  • Jeffkoinange
  • Mr President/ his deputy 



Diamond Platinamz



Mama Dangote





Pachagazine: How can people fund you on social media?

Mchoraji Clarice:

IG @mchoraji_clarice

Fb clarice apiyo/ Mchorajiclarice

Twitter , Mchorajiclarice

Youtube , Mchorajiclarice

Tiktok, @Mchorajiclarice

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