Deep park estate Cover

Deep park estate Cover

Braving the toughs in one of the worlds wealthiest sector, dominated by muti-million investment firms and companies. Woodstone CEO Benson Njoroge takes as through his journey getting into the real estate investment block as a youthful up-comer. He also takes as through the modern architecture of the deer park estate located in the Karen suburbs. A stylish and classy piece of art comprising of ten units.

What do you do?

Ben: I’m in real estate business. I am a consultant, I represent clients (buying and selling of commercial and residential property).

What got you into real estate?

Ben: I was in collage, in need of money to pay for my fee. A friend of mine introduced me to the business. Showed me the ropes and that’s how I got into the business

How was the journey since the industry is dominated by high profile business people and multimillion firms?

Ben: It wasn’t easy. I new nothing about it, I didn’t know how to approach new clients, how to talk to owners, or how to introduce myself. I had to figure out everything and everyone by myself and I did that from watching how my friend was doing it whenever we were together in the field.

At that time when I was starting, so many people were getting into the business, at time I felt like quitting. I felt like I couldn’t do it

I was intimidating seeing fellow agents driving big cars and here I am walking home. listening to their conversations of how much they are making, kept me going hoping I would get there.  six months later I hadn’t made anything I didn’t even come close to closing any deal .So it was really hard for me

Which was your first property?

Ben: It was a rental property In Kilimani .

What motivates you to keep on moving?

Ben: Everyday I get to learn something new in the business, sharing my knowledge with clients and advising them it’s really a good feeling . So that motivates me everyday to achieve a level of success year after year

Do you work with a firm or you work alone?

Ben: I used to work alone, but now I work with a firm

How would you describe the venture of youth in real estate and property investments?

Ben: Young individuals today complain that by the virtue of being young, they are blessed with the curse of being persistently broke, so unable to afford profitable real estate ventures. Nowadays real estate has been set up by varying companies and organization to be as affordable as possible, in whatever quantity or quality is desire.

Most youth especially those done with university education, are still not sure of what to focus on in life. They end up confused on what real estate ventures they can afford, or how to go about it.

Real estate comes with too many opportunities and it should not be ignored by the younger generation. So it’s advisable to begin investments as early as possible.

what advice would you give to a young person looking forward on investing this industry.

Ben: Despite the limitations of the youth by being financially constrained, cheaper real estate ventures can be invested in. you can buy property in groups to ease the burden. Then again, educate yourself through looking up to the experts and those who have achieved in the same specialty.

Which skills does one require to be able to explore this industry

Ben:Networking is a key for real estate ventures.

Responsiveness is a good skill, you also need to have knowledge of the market. Good communication skills.

How long have you been into this and what do you think are your main achievements?

Ben: Professionally it has been 2years now

My main achievement is, I have contributed to good customer service and also developed new procedures

Which was your best and worst moment at work?

Ben: My best moment is when I help a client make a good decision in finding a good property.

My worst moment , I wouldn’t say it is my worst moment but it’s when a client betrays you.. You take them to a property then they say they are no longer interested in moving the later you learn they went back to that property and got it

How did you land your first property

Ben: When I was  farming/sourcing I came across this property . I took the owners number from a security guy .

When I got my first enquiry . The clients preference matched the only property I had

I now you have been in and out of many state of the art architectures take as through one;

The Deerpark Estate

I’d say today things are changing, designs, architecture of property is more of westernized and also it has that African theme.

The Deer park estate units is a collection of modern house plan features lots of glass, steel and concrete. Open floor plans are a signature characteristic of this style. Rectangular exteriors, flat roof-lines.

Going for only Ksh 110 M. It is more than the convenience of being minutes away from world-class malls, schools and hospitals. More than the sophisticated design and stunning aesthetic conceptualized by Boogertman and Partners Architects or the exquisite finishing and cutting-edge energy-saving technology.

Because some things that cannot be bought, deer park is located in the exclusive Miotoni Karen area near The Hub, Karen Country Lodge, Karen Hospital and international schools such as Hillcrest, Banda and Brook house.

Strategically situated inside the UN Green Zone (approved UN staff accommodation) and adjacent to National Defence College. The entire development of 10 units sits nestled within five (5) acres of enchanting indigenous forest.

Each unit has a built-up area of 500m2, 5 en suite bedrooms, double volume dining and family rooms, family kitchen, hotel standard fry kitchen and 2 staff quarters. CCTV cameras, perimeter fence sensor system and 24-hour multi-guard coverage.

All units have detached personal entertainment wings with gym, pool, steam room, Jet master wood fireplace and a generous lawn. A drive through Porte-Cochère and parking for up to 6 cars.

The dynamic infrastructure is backed up with a 24-hour standby generator and private borehole. Solar water heating system, rainwater harvesting, energy-saving technology features and waste recycling plant.


For more information and enquiries

Contact Benson

Phone: (+254) 715 387 228


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