Joshua Starboy on Pachagazine

Joshua Starboy on Pachagazine

Todays feature is a one on one interview with Starboy, taking us high; just like the galaxies, let’s see what the amazing dancer has to say as we get to know more about him.

Joshua Starboy

Pachagazine: What’s your professional name?

Joshua Starboy: My stage name is Joshua Starboy

Pachagazine: What of your real name.

Pachagazine: Tell us about Joshua Starboy

Joshua Starboy: I am Joshua Meroka Ontii, and am a dancer. I started dancing at 17 years while I was in primary back the year 2012 and Now am 20 years and still dancing despite all the challenge, I have been facing in the industry it has never been that easy.

  • Joshua Starboy on Pachagazine
  • Joshua Starboy on Pachagazine

Joshua Starboy: My inspiration came through one of my friends he used to go and dance in church so, one day he invited me over to their church on Saturday for practice. the moment we arrived at the church hall the I decided to seat and watch but while watching I started developing interest and the trainer noticed and he requested me to stand and join the rest in practice and the moment we were coming out of the hall I was officially recruited and joined the dancing team. For me on that day I think I nailed it since it was my first time to dance a routine in a crew and also being recruited, I had confidence that am going to be the best.

Pachagazine: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Joshua Starboy: If not music career then I could go for mass Media. I love photography and video directing they go hand in hand also with dancing career.

Pachagazine: Where have you performed? What is your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Joshua Starboy: I have performed in many events, schools, weddings, organizations, and TV shows. My favourite venue was on an event at the memorial park Nairobi and the least was on Thika stadium. I am having an event today at Catholic university and the coming events are still on as for tomorrow also am having a performance at Thika road on Date 5 December at Kiganjo Thika on Mr and miss Young life event and 12th December am having another one known as brunching with Jesus the first edition and still other that are ahead of me still confirming dates.

Pachagazine: How do you feel the Internet has impacted what you do?

Joshua Starboy: First I appreciate my fans who appreciate my work in the internet. The internet has made our work easier by doing research, marketing and also enabled me to reach out many people and impact lives.

Pachagazine: what else do you do apart from dancing?

Joshua Starboy: I have an apparel a cloth line selling clothes but dance is my main job Coz am too committed to it and it is now paying me well since I worked hard towards it and for this far is for the lord

Pachagazine: Do you work alone or you have a team?

Joshua Starboy: I have a big team alongside my journey by the name G.L.D crew (Ground level Dance crew) they have been a family to me we have been together for 6years down the line: It started the year 2014     a group of seven boys but currently we are five. We have been and are Gospel based dancers Joshua Starboy. Currently we have settled our dream and vision on our Dance academy because that’s the main purpose of our ministry.

Pachagazine: You have said you are a Gospel based dancer; can you perform on a club?

Joshua Starboy: No, I can’t perform in club since i respect my self and I fear God

Pachagazine: Who is your celebrity role model?

Joshua Starboy: In the dance industry a person who inspire me most is from Jamaica his name is Kemar optimistic.

Pachagazine: What is your favourite song to perform?

Joshua Starboy: My favourite song is by Guardian Angel love you right back.’

Pachagazine: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Joshua Starboy: The best advice ever given was the best don’t rest.

Pachagazine: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Joshua Starboy: Mentality. Many dancers have a mentality that Artist don’t pay it depends with your work and your standards and professionalism.

Pachagazine: What do you enjoy most about being a dancer? What do you hate most?

Joshua Starboy: Adventure and meeting big people what I hate is disappointments.

Pachagazine: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Joshua Starboy: Never to chase competition but to chase dream and always to be real to himself.

Pachagazine: What would you say is your best achievement so far?

Joshua Starboy: Having the dance Academy this has always been my dream.

Joshua Starboy: I want to give a shout out to my family my mum is my biggest supporter my friend’s and to all those who are there for me I love them all and to my girlfriend before I forget I love her much she supports what I do.

Pachagazine: How can people follow your work?

Joshua Starboy:

 Instagram @stardance_71

Facebook @joshuastrbuoy jr.

YouTube @Afridance generation

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