Sia-The Huslife

Sia-The Huslife

Everything aside we have horses to ride. Dynamic siblings Blood sister and brother “airtacks” local musical waves with a contemporary gengetone style. Pachagazine gets an opportunity to go one on one with The Huslife on an exclusive interview.

Pachagazine: Tell us the story behind the creation of The Huslife

Huslife: The Huslife is group of two siblings, a brother “Rapsick” and a sister “Sia” who are willing to give the world all their best in the music industry and they are making it happen.

Pachagazine: What first got you to music

Huslife: Life back then was not as auspicious as it is right now, momma was struggling to pay out bills and our fees, it was always tough, we completed our high school and went to our very first ‘Gig‘, we didn’t go to perform or nothing , we were going to cheer one of our friends, on our table , bro started rapping a song I recall “one day” , and we sang along with him, so that how we decided to form a duo “HUSLIFE”


U– You

S– Survive


Pachagazine: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Huslife: We try to compose gengetone but in a different prospective, not all these and am sorry to say this… “girls twerking and showing off whatever”. We try to visualize human feelings instead of all these erotic stuffs we want to make music my mama can watch and say “am proud of you baby” keep going.

Pachagazine: How did your parents react after deciding to Endeavor in to music as a duo?

Huslife: It wasn’t easy. But mum had to accept it, the love we gave music and progress we made day by day was convincing.

Pachagazine: How is your creative process like working as siblings?

Huslife: It’s all good since we live in the same roof. We stay up late night working on some projects. We have some pending project due to some financial issue but they will be out soon.

Pachagazine: Are you twins or you are aged differently? do you have other siblings on your family?

Huslife: We are not twins, Rapsick is 19 and am 18, and yes we are 3 siblings in our family, my eldest and most supporting sister in the whole world, she’s Gold to us and may God bless her. She’ s in the university of Nairobi pursuing Accounts and statistics in her culmination year.

Pachagazine: How long have you been in music?

Huslife: We started this when my brother was in form four and I was in form 3, so typically it’s 2 years.

Pachagazine: Which musical duo or group do you look up-to?

Huslife: The Sauti Sol absolutely.

Pachagazine: Which musician/s would you most likely want to collaborate with?

Our best four are, Khaligraph the OG, Mejja (Okwonko), Ssaru and Kristoff

Pachagazine: Which challenges are you facing as new bees in the industry?

Huslife: Discouragements “Quit music you ain’t going to make it,” “Is everyone an artist nowadays?”…. and social media hate is real.

Popularizing and music distribution by sharing links to people out here is hardest cause others say they’ve watched the video and at that time the video hasn’t even premiered yet, the so called ” manyokks“.

Pachagazine: What else do you do apart from music?

Huslife: My brother is a Deejay and I am a first-year student at Mount Kenya University.

Pachagazine: How many musics have you released? Do you have any collaboration so far?

Huslife: Six tracks so far, they are not really collaborations because we did them with a friend.

Pachagazine: Have you ever been in an argument with your brother concerning music?

Huslife: Not really and I hope we will never have disagreements because, I know the kind of harm they cause.

Pachagazine: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t music?

Huslife: Strictly stuck to music its our thing Forever.

Pachagazine: which is your favourite music you have released?

Huslife: They are two indeed, party like so The very first one, thenShajipa which we released 5 days ago.

The Huslife-Shajipa Music Video

Pachagazine: What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Huslife: We enjoy every bit of it because its our very own thing, we love music, and you got to express yourself in different ways since music is art.

Pachagazine: what do you think about the support of Kenyan music and the wave of gengetone?

Huslife: “Gengetone is dying” as people are saying, this is our own music and we should totally give it our all. But people aren’t doing that, in fact, crews who came up with gengetone are from The Ghetto and people who enjoying its fruits are in suburbs. we should change that and embrace our own type of homemade music.

Pachagazine: Which yard do you guys represent?

Huslife: 1938 Tala

Pachagazine: How do you make your music exceptional in relation to competition?

Huslife: We try to put human feelings in Gengetone instead of all this sexual tension.

Pachagazine: Con artist are quite common in Nairobi mostly targeting upcoming artist in the name of producers, managers, DJs etc. Have you come across any?

Huslife: We’ve come across many of them, there is this one time we were to be picked by an uber cub and have a free studio session (Laughs). That’s a story for another day.

Pachagazine: where do you project The Huslife to be in few years to come?

Huslife: Huslife will be major, not only as a reflection to ghetto youth but example to all youth.

Pachagazine: you just released a new song few day ago, what should we expect next of you?

Huslife: Expect more creative music from the Huslife, new collaboration. And if Okwonkwo will read this, man you need to do something to us.

We will give Kenya our best.

Pachagazine: How has the pandemic affected your career?

Huslife: Man, this was hectic, it got our plans out turned. Matter of fact we could have released the “shajipa” track long ago, due to this pandemic the movement outside our County was limited. For sure let’s not talk about this and how it messed us up.

Pachagazine: What message would you send to your fans.

Huslife: To all the fans out there, thank you for your patience and for the support you’ve given to us. We will continue giving you good music. Keep us added to your playlists #huslife4life

Huslife: Shout out to our fans out there

Our camera man Gilbert Flipper

Our bro sizzler

Our right man Hon Phillip.

Our parents and our sister for everything

DJ croniqs and DJ crocus for always having our songs on their playlists. And to our amazing Jeremih for the support he gave us and now our songs are always on Tv

And our very own Glow gloria, Nay and Miley for their undying support God bless y’all.

Pachagazine: how can people find your music?

Huslife: YouTube channel @Rapsick Huslife

Facebook @Huslife Entertainment Ltd

Follow Raspick and Sia on their Personal profiles

Rapsick @realHuslife

Sia @rapsickhuslife

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