Nicholus Nandoya, known professionally as Nando also referred as LIL NAE, is a sensational battle rapper, songwriter, and a dynamic dancer features on Pachagazine.

What’s your stage name and real name?

My official name Nicholas Nandoya and utilize” Nando” as stage name.

when did you start your career?

I started dancing four years ago and embarked in to music two years later.

which one puts food on your table?


which type of music/dance do you perform?

I do trap music, sing and script lyrics whereas flex in Hiphop, lyrical, dubstep and a bit of contemporary dance.


Are you a member of any dance crew or music label?

Am a member of a Music label is called Baraka nation. I also mentor some dance crew and host workshops.

You started with dancing, what inspired you to venture into music

Once you are a dancer, first you get to apprehend music that’s how I came to synchronize

Geographical which place do you come from?

I reside at kikuyu

Do you engage in anything else apart from the two?

Yeah, I Work with Dailyland Kenya

who do you look up as a role model?


How many music videos do you have so far?

Music videos are recently pending coz of the album am working on

Tell us about you on coming album

It is called “Am drowning” its an Ep

any ccollaborations?

They are on the album


One with Da baraka

when are you planning the grand release?

21st June

what are some of the challenges you are encountering as an imminent?

Pushing my tracks to get more viral

How can people reach out or follow you?

Instagram at b_yolo_tv

Facebook page at Yolo world

Ca$hy by Nandø music video

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