Kanda junior

Featuring on pachagazine is Award winning dancer and Afro fusion musical enthusiast Kanda Jr

Popularly known as Kanda Junior what’s your real name?

Am Anthony Ndirangu Maina

What was the inspiration behind your stage name?

The name originated from a popular Congolese musician called Kanda Bongo Man whereas back here in Kenya, it comes from my mentor Kanda King who got it from Kanda Bongo Man and later he gave to me.

People think you are a son of Kanda King, do you come across such?

Kanda king is like my brother, my mentor and many people know how we link up but some think am his son.

How long have you been in the industry as a dancer?

Since I was 8 years.

Tell us something about your journey to a top, and award-winning dancer.

I Started dancing at a Very tender age 8 years, I used to go with my late dad in clubs like Wida highway motel, hillocks inn and many others.

My dad was an acrobat known as Gorogosi. I used to dance in between his shows, and I could see people impressively entertained and at the end I used to earn some money.

From there I took it to the next level, where I would go to different clubs and ask for a chance to dance. I was been paid 300 per show.

I did that and grew to become a more serious dancer. I began moving to different towns for dancing shows.

My name became more popular with big endorsement, roadshows and dance shows locally and abroad.

You are a mentor, why mentor prisoners why choose to mentor convicts?

I always try to give back to the community. I have a group called Kanda junior and friends where we visit children’s homes and give them a smile cheering them up.

mentoring convicts is a way of reforming and showing them that you can still earn through your talent rather than being in crime. when people are imprisoned, we try to inspire them and also to show them there is life after prison.

Do you do other activities apart from dancing?

Am a mentor a dancer and a singer.

How do you manage all these activities?

I have a team that works together with me.

In music which genre do you perform

I do Afro fuse

Do you still perform on dancing shows?

I have different theme nights;

Every Friday, Friday night live at Club Country

Wednesday’s divas night show at club city space

Saturday’s, Nairobi night at club platinum

What the most disturbing thing bloggers ever wrote about you?

A blog that I was hitting on Kanze Dena (Citizen Tv new anchor)

Are engaged?

Am single

Between dancing and music, what pays your bill?

Am a dancer…and that’s what has led me to music. Dancing have taken me to places across continents, through dance I have a sound system which I hire for events.

So, dance is pillar, dancing is king.

What would you tell aspiring and upcoming dancers who look up to you?

Whatever you do, do it with passion you never know what might come out of it. Work hard, be creative and always be disciplined.

Also trust in God and always put him first and always ask for his guidance.

What should your fans expect in sooner days?

Big surprises.

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