Meet our featuring Starring reggae and dancehall musical sensation Mash Wonder.

Pachagazine: Tell us your name and When did you start your music career.

Mash Wonder: My name is Moses musically known as Mash Wonder I’m a music producer and singer too. Officially I started way back 2016 despite I was trying to discover myself since back then in primary school.

Pachagazine: How did you come up with your stage name?

Mash Wonder: Mash is a Jamaican slang meaning nailing a song or mixing up songs called a mash up. So, I knew I could nail any song till make people wonder, that’s when I came up with my name Mash Wonder.

Pachagazine: Which genre of music do you do?

Mash Wonder: My genre is Reggae/Dancehall.

Pachagazine: Why that genre.?

Mash Wonder: Long ago my dad had a collection of reggae tapes at home, so I was influenced with them, for instance the likes of the late Lucky Dube and Sean Paul songs and many more.

Pachagazine: Do you do music as full-time or you have something else that you do?

Mash Wonder: Music all time, that’s what I do.

Pachagazine: How many projects do you have?

Mash Wonder: I have two afro dancehall songs but let me talk about my latest song: Abujubuju, it’s a vernacular dancehall hit featuring Babugee and Augusto.

Pachagazine: Speaking about features, do you have others collaborations?

Mash Wonder: I have more single tracks but looking forward to work with Wyre the loved child and Matonya from Tanzania.

Pachagazine: Who do you look up to in this Musical industry?

Mash Wonder: East Africa I look up to Jose Chameleon and internationally I look up to Konshens from Jamaica.

Pachagazine: Between being a musician and producing songs, which is your main carrier?

Mash Wonder: I was majoring in production but due to unavoidable circumstances, I choose to major in singing, though I help a lot my artists in writing and pushing their content.

Pachagazine: Are you under any label?

Mash Wonder: I work with Asali Fleva Productizzle.

Pachagazine: What should your fans expect in the near future?

Mash Wonder: More powerful songs. I won’t disappoint.

Pachagazine: Where do you see yourself in few years to come?

Mash Wonder: I will make it to African chats and support those who will be in need.

Pachagazine: Where can people follow, or get you music?

Mash Wonder:

IG @Dr.Wonder

FB @Pro Mash Wonder

Twitter @Mashizme

YouTube @Asali Fleva

They can find me through those links

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