Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu

This week pachagazine features sensational rapper Jeff Geoffrey “ivo tu” The rapper behind “Kabla Ya Saa Nane” hit

Pachagazine: Tell us your name.

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: This week pachagazine features sensational rapper Jeff Geoffrey “ivo tu”

Pachagazine: Which genre of music do you do?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: I do any type of genre but Hip Hop is what I major mostly in, to be precise Gospel music.

Pachagazine: What made you choose Hip Hop, and why Gospel music?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: I choose rapping because I liked it ever since childhood and I was so much exposed to it, the reason I do gospel, is because I am a Christian so I choose to share my Faith through music.

Pachagazine: Do you do music as full-time?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: No, currently I work as a caretaker in an apartment, though I also do some small businesses here and there.

Pachagazine: How do you juggle those two, music and work?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: About time there is no limit for me, since my occupation is not that time consuming, so organising myself is much easier.

Pachagazine: How many projects do you have?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: I have three official video/audios songs on YouTube already and three other unreleased audios am working on them.

Pachagazine: Tell us a little bit about on one of your projects.

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu:   “Kabla Ya Saa Nane” it talks about my ambition and what I wanna achieve before I die, it’s about The Will of God in my life.

Pachagazine: How do you make your music unique to fit the competitive market? Since HipHop is so huge nowadays.

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Content is my first priority, then flow of lines to make it sound different from the mostly common styles of other rappers.

Pachagazine: Who do you look up, your role model.

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Lecrae, he just an icon, I love his style of music.

Pachagazine: Any collaborations?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: I have some, but two I haven’t released them yet.

Pachagazine: Are you under any label or now you’re solo?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Am solo, currently no Labels.

Pachagazine: What should your fans expect in the near future?

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Fans should expect more music full of Grace message because I am a Grace Revolutionist.

Pachagazine: Where do you see yourself in 5 years to come!

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Being a great evangelist in my music career, well known and a moral Influencer in this society of ours.

Pachagazine: Where can people follow you on social media.

Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu: Any social media platform – “Jeff Geoffrey ivo tu”

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