Ruto condemns the'mistreatment' of African presidents abroad. The Head of State bemoaned that they were herded onto buses like schoolchildren

African presidents who travel abroad are treated poorly, according to President William Ruto.

The Head of State bemoaned that they were herded onto buses like schoolchildren in a nation he didn’t name while addressing at the Mo Ibrahim Governance weekend on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

“It is not wise for 54 African presidents to travel to a summit and sit down in front of one president from another country. We are mistreated occasionally. As if we were students, we are crammed onto buses. It’s wrong,” he declared.

The head of state pleaded with African leaders to choose to send delegates when they are invited to events in Western nations.

As the President of Kenya, I am taking that stance. “The decision we have made as AU is that moving forward, if there is going to be a discussion between Africa and any other country, we would send the chair and the bureau,” he said.

During the Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Ruto and other African leaders were transported by a fleet of buses, while US Vice President Biden and his wife Jill were transported by an armored presidential limousine known as “The Beast.”

The decision sparked discussion on social media, with many criticizing how foreign nations treated African rulers.

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