Meet Contemporary Ugandan artist Adore. Adore is a recording and performing artist born and raised in Kampala, Uganda.  Having an Adventist background, Adore grew up singing with a-cappella groups in churches and schools.

Tell us more about Adore
Adore is a recording and performing artist born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. 
Having an Adventist background, Adore grew up singing with a-cappella groups in churches and schools. He then joined cover bands after college and eventually formed my own, “Band Adore”. 
His artistry and knack for the creative arts began, at an early age, with writing songs for a-cappella groups and bands. He then ventured into writing songs for solo career. Adore began to experiment with different sounds and carve out my musical journey. 
He is an adventurer traversing the African sound spectrum with no exceptions. Having sampled reggae in his debut song “Gwe Ansanira”, He switched up to afro fusion in the subsequent single dubbed, “Kyoyagala”… more intricate fusions are to be expected from me . Projects like “Turn Me On”, “Love Letter”, “Drinks” and more will show the genre diversity I can traverse.

What got you in to music?
Church acapella music got me into music.

How long have you been in the entertainment industry?
Commercially been  in the industry 5yrs .

Who do you look upto in music?
Ed sheeran & Burna Boy

What are some of the challanges you faced getting in to the music industry?
a) Inactive copyright laws in Uganda 

      b) The fact that everything has to be paid for ie:  radio & tv airplay.

      c) Self management is expensive and very few management labels in Uganda .

     d) The type of music I do doesn’t engage well with the Ugandan audience due to some factors like my compulsion to use English for diversity reach. That and many other reasons cause artists like me to resort to conformity toward the trending/selling style (genre) of music which people relate to. This in my opinion kills creativity and dwarfs most amazing people who can’t keep up incase the trending style doesn’t favor them.

How would you describe the competition?
I would describe the competition as worthy being that the Ugandan music industry is evolving  and there is a chance for us to stand out like the Tanzanians in Bongo, Kenyans with Genge and Nigerians with Afro Highlife or afro beat. Lots young Ugandan artists are growing into urban music widely in almost all genres.  Also, being that my goal is to compete on a global and continental scale. I feel like I have a lot of work to do because artists out there aren’t kidding . 

How does your music stand out?
Commercially speaking music has to stand out in-order for an artist to sell out, but I make music that comes to me, if it stands out or conforms to whats already there well and good . I only seek to not be put in a box as I have done music in Afro beats, Pop ,Reggae , locally  known “Maganda”and looking forward to do “Kadodi” which is an Eastern Ugandan genre . I will continue to make music that is relatable despite its stand because the first thing i seek is truth to self .

Where have you performed and which is your favorite venue? 
Some of the major stages i have performed at are  Evoke Uganda , Talent Africa , Sofar  music , Euphoria  & kwivuga . But my favorite was Sofar sounds  due to the intimacy and up-close set up , i am looking to performing on greater stages in my career . 

Which is your favorite song to perform
My  best song to perform is “Monica” because am an afrobeats lover at heart.

What inspires your compositions?
The answer to this is a cliché  one because its the undeniable truth . Experience has inspired some of the greatest works for me and the artists i look upto  eg ; the song am going to release tittled “Talk to me” was inspired by relationship experience that pretty much i inked down in two hours or less. 

Do you have any collaborations?
I don’t have any collaborations yet but i would  love to work with  Burna boy from Nigeria , John blac & Fik fameica from Uganda , Nviri & Sauti sol from kenya , Mike kayihura from Rwanda , Diamond platinum from Tanzania  .

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Yes .  I have a song coming out  titled “Talk to me”  and an Ep coming out in the first quarter of next year 2023.

What else do you do apart from your music career?
Am an actor , a businessman and a cover band performer.

What advice would you give to some one who wants to follow your footsteps?
The advice i would  give anyone  is the same advise I live by which is , ”all musicians who have stood the test of time have  one thing in common… Do the music you  love and work your ass off  like your life depends on it”.

How can people find you on social media?
@life _ of _ adore  on all socials : Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


YouTube: Adore

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