• Senator Johnson Sakaja took on KTN journalist Zubeida Koome after she jokingly asked about his names during the Gubernatorial Debate. • An exchange degenerated when the host and KTN News Anchor and Editor Zubeida Koome asked Sakaja to confirm his name.

Nairobi Senator, Super Senator Johnson Sakaja angers during the Nairobi Gubernatorial Debate held on Monday 11 july 2022 at the Catholic university of East Afica (CUEA).

Sakaja’s temper is triggered after he was asked by on of the host interviewers if his names is Sakaja.

Zubeidah Koome (the host) insisted on the question after Sakaja ditched it after being asked by fellow interviewee and Fellow aspirant for Nairobi governorship Polycarp Igathe.

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