From hip pop to dancehall Popi Rayzy share his musical journey on an exclusive interview on Pachagazine.

Pachagazine: What’s your brand name and real name(s)?

Popi Rayzy: Isaac Kagotho is my real name, but my stage name are Popi Rayzy.

Pachagazine: Tell us about the name, why Popi Rayzy?

Popi Rayzy: It started at a time I was doing hip-hop and I was crazy about it, so I thought a name which comes from hip hop crazy so I made it ippopirazy then later I shortened it, cause I found my passion in dancehall

Pachagazine: When did you discover your talent?

Popi Rayzy: I discovered it when I was in form two and at that time I wished that I could get to any studio record one song but it was a challenge cause I did not have any money.

Pachagazine: When did you start doing music?

Popi Rayzy: I started in form two but I recorded my first song when I was in form four.

Pachagazine: Which genre do you do?

Popi Rayzy: Dancehall music.

Pachagazine: Do you do music as full time or part time?

Popi Rayzy: I do it full time.

Pachagazine: Take us through one of your projects, your favorite and tell us what it talks about.

Popi Rayzy: I think all my projects are my favourite but I’ve got one called Fanana.

Fanana is all about appreciating the ladies and how they impress me.

Pachagazine: Is there any collaborations you’ve done?

Popi Rayzy: I’m looking forward to do an international one with Tanzanian artist but first I’m focusing on my brand.

Pachagazine: Are you under any label?

Popi Rayzy: I’m independent

Pachagazine: Which artist would you love do a collabo with?

Popi Rayzy: I’m very open to any collaborations, but mostly i would love to do one with Arrow boy here in Kenya and Jahvillani Jamaican dancehall artist.

Pachagazine: Who’s your icon, your role model in this music Industry?

Popi Rayzy: Jahvillani from Jamaican, i do love his vibe.

What I like about them they give good vibes, what I’m trying to emulate in Kenya with a different vibe that will take Kenya to another level.

Pachagazine: Where do you get that inspiration to do music?

Popi Rayzy: Music is all around me, what I speak is just music when I walk, I just feel it, i get inspired from my surroundings.

Pachagazine: What challenges do you come across with when doing music?

Popi Rayzy: Dislikes from some people and different criticism.

Pachagazine: How do you promote your music?

Popi Rayzy: Sharing my links with friends, social media too is helping out.

Pachagazine: What can you say about the internet playing part in music industry.

Popi Rayzy: It has help a lot, at least it’s creating a platforms to sell/advertise our work.

Pachagazine: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years to come?

Popi Rayzy: As an International dancehall artist.

Pachagazine: Which advice can you give to youths out there, or someone who’s doing music as you.

Popi Rayzy: Keep working hard and never give up, God is the one who has our destiny, ignore the critics.

Pachagazine: What should your fans expect in the near future?

Popi Rayzy: Nothing but good vibe music. Keep it locked.

Pachagazine: Where can people follow you on social media?

Popi Rayzy:

Follow me

Facebook: Popi Rayzy

Instagram: Popi Rayzy

Twitter: Popi_Rayzy

YouTube: Popi Rayzy Sparta

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