A one on one detailed interview with “Mr Humble Beginnings” on Pachagazine.

Pachagazine: What’s your real name and stage name?

Trunks Star: My real name be Denis munene going by the stage name Deejay Trunks Star.

Pachagazine: Tell us more about Trunks Star.

Trunks Star: I am half Embian,half kisii. Humility is my greatest life virtue I am hashtagged “MR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS

I came from zero. I may not have achieved a lot that maybe people can expect but I am happy with myself a lot for the progresses I’ve made so far. I’m on press right now. Ain’t that Gods doings? I have someone and I’m really good with things I do.

Pachagazine: What inspired you into disc jockey?

Trunks Star: My inspiration came from my best friend  back then Sifya max he was so processed in deejaying but he passed on 3 years ago. He had a friend known as DJ kev, so max used to go to Kev’s place for lessons and practice so obviously he couldn’t leave me behind. I wasn’t interested yet in deejaying my path back then was song writing but I had never recorded any.

How long have you been into this?

Trunks Star: I have been in the game for five years now from 2017 till to date.

Pachagazine:Who do you look up to?

Trunks Star: I draw my inspiration from close friends I have the like of Dj Cheru, Dj Sweepah, Sir Acid prime, Dj Caril just to mention a few. This is my reasoning, the few I have mentioned are people I can link up with time.

Pachagazine: What’s your favorite genre behind the decks?

Trunks Star: My favorite playlist is everything that touches old school. Dancehall, Genge, RNB, Crunk\hip-hop I’ll vibe to any of that.

Pachagazine: How do you make your mix-tapes unique?

Trunks Star: I play music with the moods I’m in and the mood of the environment I’m in.

Pachagazine: What else do you do apart from being a DJ?

Trunks Star: I’m a driver, Scatter, I do boda boda when I’m not doing any of the above hustles.

Pachagazine: If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing?

Trunks Star: Honestly I find a lot of peace while at the decks, the crowd gives me that satisfaction I think I have never found elsewhere. So honestly I think there’s nothing else I could be doing. Maybe I someone else which is impossible. I am always true and real to myself

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges you came across while entering the industry?

Trunks Star: There’s a very common challenge most upcoming deejays face. Not having the machine and equipments and also the platform. I used to depend on a set at a nearby club which had a machine and most time they’d close without getting a chance to play a set.

Pachagazine: What’s your favorite and least favorite performance venue?

Trunks Star: My best performance was at University of Embu it was a cull fest gig, sir acid prime had featured me and we nailed it.

I also play in clubs every week that is JAVA MOSAIC RUNYENJES every weekend, KLUB INNOCENT EXTRA EMBU each Wednesday and Thursdays where I’m hosted by Deejay Cheru. I guess so far God has been my guide haven’t encountered a frustrating event yet..but I’m always ready for anything because anything can happen.

Pachagazine: What’s your worst memory at work? what happened?

Trunks Star: We were raided by the police and I had to leave my machines on the booth. I was very insecure not to loose my equipments.(Laughs)

Pachagazine: What are some of your archivements or big accomplishments?

Trunks Star: The biggest achievement I’ve made is satisfying my soul. Each person has his own targets and I believe once you get to the positions you wanted then you feel at peace with yourself.

I have also managed work and even go to an extend of making live mix recordings with some of embu’s big named deejays like DJ cheru, DJ Sweepah, Sir Acid prime, DJ caril, DJ Vicknick, DJ tafash, Dj Flamez, Dj zalq, artists like Max de mint, Skywise, K Trues just to mention a few.

We have hosted Odi Was Murang’a, Only One Dello, DJ kalonje, DJ Carlos e.t.c and it makes me feel like there’s huge progress. I really can’t compare the position I’m in right now with where I am from. I always thank God for this. I’m also a resident DJ @ Java Mosaic lounge. I’m really happy with this. I swear Embu people are talented.

Pachagazine: Do you have a team or you work alone?

Trunks Star: I am a family type of a person, my success is celebrated by very many I’m in different crews that we work with solo closely and all of them are like families to me and to each other. They include; Anvills ent crew,Spin crew deejays and born to win, But my acting manager currently is DJ Sweepah. I have mentors and monitors all from the above mentioned crews. I really respect them a lot.

Pachagazine: What can you tell anyone out there who aspires to be a DJ or wants to follow your footsteps?

Trunks Star: I’d say pursuing you passion is one of the greatest life challenge. Just remain persistent and relevant,humble and hardworking…many may never acknowledge anything you do but what defines hardworking better than time? another thing there’s God. live for him. Put him first.

Nothing defines hardwork better than time

~DJ Trunks Star

Pachagazine: How can people find you in social media?

Trunks Star: Download my mixxtapes at hearthis

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