A close talk with Robinson kimanthi and known by the art name is Roby Flames on an exclusive with Pachagazine.

Pachagazine: When did you discover your drawing talent?

Roby flamez: I started drawing since I was in class four mostly cartoons that was until 2015 when I did my first painting and the hustle kicked in.

Pachagazine: So you didn’t go to any art school.

Roby flamez: No, though Miken arts mentored me along the basics of art.

Pachagazine: And who’s Miken arts?

Roby flamez: Artist based in Nairobi.

Pachagazine: Speaking about mentoring, apart from now Miken, who else inspires you/ motivates you?

Roby flamez: I always draw my inspiration from different artist everything artistic.

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges in this industry?

Roby flamez: The biggest challenge is the market and the fact that not many people appreciate art locally. Most customers are the high income locals and foreigners.

Pachagazine: How do you strategize your marketing for your work.

Roby flamez: Mostly I place my fine art pieces on the streets and also market them online through social media.

Pachagazine:How much did you sell your first piece and whats the most expensive you’ve ever sold.

Roby flamez: I sold my first piece at Ksh 500 and my most expensive at Ksh 15,000.

Pachagazine: Whats the value range of your products?

Roby flamez: 1,500 to 10,000.

Pachagazine: Does the government support fine art?

Roby flamez: It’s rare though last year we did mural about Corona which was a national museum project sponsored by government.

Pachagazine: And what can you add if given that chance to speak for the artist?

Roby flamez: Artists can express many things through pictures and I think the government can involve them in many ways through projects where they want the message to reach the masses like the mural about covid 19.

Pachagazine: So how long does it takes you to complete a portraits/your drawings?

Roby flamez: Some Take hours, others a day. It might even take a week. It all depends on with the details.

Pachagazine:How can people find your work on social media?

Roby flamez: @Roby flamez in all platforms.

Pachagazine: What can you tell, those who are in the same field, a word of advice.

Roby flamez: What I can tell my fellow artists to persist creating more and more work without losing hope.

Pachagazine: So what can you say is unique about your work, what makes you out-stand other artist?

Roby flamez: Creativity, though we are all gifted differently.

Pachagazine: And what do you hate most in what you do, what Do you love most.

Roby flamez: I hate it most when people try to down play my work and of course I love art my first love and my gal lynn.

Pachagazine: Is art your full time job?

Roby flamez: Its my full-time job though am a deejay too.

Pachagazine: And you have a specific piece you’ve done that really means something to you, one special one, may be the one that drives you, keeps you going?

A portrait of an African family setting by Roby Flames.

Roby flamez: Yeah.

Pachagazine: what does it entails? Whats its story?

Roby flamez: Before always wished I could paint such a picture it always keeps me going.

Pachagazine: Another thing, how has this pandemic affected your business.

Pachagazine: One more thing, What’s your message to fellow Kenyans concerning this Covid 19 situation we are facing.

Roby flamez: Business has been good can’t complain. Stay safe wear a mask and sanitize corona is real

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