An exclusive interview with master work on Pachagazine.

Pachagazine: What is your real name and your brand name? 

Masterwork: Am Frank Olunga Khange, and my pen name Masterwork.

Pachagazine: What do you do for a living?

Masterwork: Currently I am a student but with some side hustle here and there.

Pachagazine:What first got you into poetry?

Masterwork:Pain brought me to Poetry and poetry accommodated my pain.

Pachagazine: What inspires you to write poems?

Life is my greatest inspiration.

Pachagazine: When did you start writing poems?

I am sure of the exact time but I was in form two around six years ago.

Pachagazine: Who is your mentor in poetry

They are many. Witty pen a great poet from Nigeria, Cliff the Mirror a great Kenyan poet, Lewis Wamwada another great Kenyan poet, Nyakach another great Kenyan poetess.

Pachagazine: What else do you do apart from poetry?

I write plays but not so often.

Pachagazine: How would you describe the poems that you typically create?

They carry a piece of myself and they have a hidden secret no matter how it appears, one can relate with them.

Pachagazine: What is your creative process like?

Before I write a poem I have to develop it on my mind first, create the lines on the air, I also do a lot of self talking shouting like a mad man (Loughs) until it comes out. After developing the poem then I write it, say it loud as I edit it.

Pachagazine: How would you describe the poetry industry in Kenya

Masterwork: The poetic industry is growing and more is coming if we will keep this trend.

Pachagazine: Do you have any certificates (poetry based)

Yes I do most are from the anthologies I co-authored.

Pachagazine: Who would you most like to collaborate with in a duet? 

They are many poets Cliff the mirror, Lewis Wamwada the list is endless.

Pachagazine: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your poetry career?

Masterwork: If it was not for poetry I could be dead but that is story for another day.

Pachagazine: Where have you performed? What is your favourite and

least favourite venues?

I prefer written art to spoken word so I am yet to perform.

Pachagazine: What is your favourite poem you ever performed or written?

There are many favorites but this stands out

I will wait for you

The days might be as cold as ice

but the thoughts of you

the rib of my rib

the flesh of my flesh

I will wait for you.

Time might fly

but you are my destination

the seasons might be as hot as lava

but I will wait for you my butterfly

my eyes will see none but you.

I have this picture

you and I making the neighbours jealous

I am dying to say yes I do

do promise to love you even after life

to hold your hand till end of time.

I will wait for you

I won’t rush but brave the seasons

life is a journey, no journey without you

as long as my heart beats

and my lungs accommodate air, I will wait.

They keep asking when

When will they see you?

I keep having these recurring dreams

and I know you are waiting for me

when our paths cross, I waited.


Pachagazine: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Masterwork: I think it is about time poets are paid for their ink that’s what I would change.

Pachagazine: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your poems?

Masterwork: Most of my poems are very personal few are fiction, I tell my secrets, pain and joy in every piece.

Pachagazine: What do you enjoy most about being a poet, What do you hate most?

Masterwork: Everything works like an inspiration to write whether a broken heart, happiness, depression all make the pen flow.

What I passionately hate is being taken for granted.

Pachagazine: How would you advice someone who aspires to follow your footsteps?

Masterwork: Writing is a process no one becomes great over night and critism is the best motivation ever never fear being criticized.

Pachagazine: What’s next of you? 

 I have a long plan this year more poetry books on the way.

Pachagazine: How can people find you on social media?

Masterwork _poet on Instagram 

The Chronicles of a madman Poetry fun page on Facebook

WordPress The chronicles of a madman

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