Pachagazine: How would you describe MC Structure? 

Structure: Mc Structure is a reggae/dancehall Emcee and Entertainer in the showbiz industry.

Pachagazine: What/who first got you into entertainment industry?

Structure: The man who gave me the chance is called Junior Delgado a reggae/dancehall veteran.

Pachagazine: How long have you been an entertainer? Structure: am in the fourth year as an entertainer.

Pachagazine: Which type of music and events do you work on? 

Structure: Reggae/dancehall

Pachagazine: Do you work alone or you have a team?

Structure: I work with a team sound called REGGEA INITY INTERNATIONAL 

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges MCs face especially when new to the industry? 

Structure: Lack of support from the veterans in the industry

Pachagazine: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Structure: Buju banton


Pachagazine: Where have been on stage? What is your favourite venues?

Structure: Favorite event is called WIRE WIRE VSPOT REGGEA SUNDAYS

Pachagazine: Do you have any upcoming events?

Structure: I have a show Reggae Thursdays at Skatters lounge

· ·

Pachagazine: What’s next for you?

Structure: Big things popping yet to confirm keep it connected for updates on my page


Pachagazine: How can people find you on social media?


>Instagram @Mc Structure-Kenya

>Facebook @Mc Structure

>Twitter @Mc Structure-Kenya

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