Pachagazine: What’s your stage name?

Quree: Quree

Pachagazine: Tell us a bit about Quree


Quree: Am Immaculate Senkenoi Torome alias Quree is a go get, optimistic, loving and caring but one special thing about her that makes her who she is she is a young mother and being a young mother has never dragged her down it has never pulled her down from doing what she loves or desire instead it made her strong.

Am a student at kabete National polytechnic taking Architecture and Design am also a model.

Pachagazine: What got you to modeling?

Quree: The fact that nobody in my family accepts modeling I took it as a challenge to prove to them that modeling is a career like any other and every parent should empress and support their kids to it.

Pachagazine: People interpret modeling in different ways. How would you describe the modeling you do?

Quree: Modelling is a representation for me I take modeling as my platform to represent beauty from the maa community and a platform to show my people that’s it’s not only beauty that entails it education is also important to every maa girl.

Pachagazine: How long have you been in the industry as model?

Quree: It’s been two years.

Pachagazine: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Quree: Ajuma Nasenyana

Pachagazine: Do you work alone or you are under an agency?

Quree: I work alone.

Pachagazine: How would you describe your journey getting in to the industry?

Quree: The journey hasn’t been smooth the fact that I don’t have any support from home neither am I under any agency it’s really tough but all in all I have tried my best and will still continue giving it my best shot until I reach my destiny.

Pachagazine: What motivation keeps you going despite the ups and downs?

Quree: As I said I joined modeling to challenge my family and community am the kind of person don’t believe in failure so winning the challenge keep me going in the modeling race.

Pachagazine: If you got to change something in the modeling industry what would you adjust?

Quree: Models should not get to pay allot to join modeling agency. The fee being charged not everyone can afford I would at least try to lower the price such that even the young lady or man in the ghetto who is willing to join the agency can afford.

Pachagazine: Which type of modeling do you do?

Quree: Am a runway model but looking forward to also try commercial modeling.

Pachagazine: Does  modeling pay your bills or you have other financial engagements?

Quree: Yeah it does.

Pachagazine: What are some of your best venues in action?

Quree: Being on the runway for Mr and Mrs Jamuhuri Kenya was an epic experience for me.

Pachagazine: How do you manage studies with your career?

Quree: I do modeling when am on holidays. My course is my first priority cause I believe to be a beauty queen you also need brain as they say beauty with brains.

Pachagazine: If you weren’t a model what do you think you would have become?

Quree: I don’t think there is anything better I can ever be than a model.

Pachagazine: What would you tell someone who looks up to you as an icon?

Quree: Whenever you fall don’t remain on the ground you need to stand up rub the dust and move on coz even broken crayons still colour.

Pachagazine: What are some of the challenges to upcoming models?

Quree: some events being scum…by this is for a new model in the industry it’s hard for you to know a legit event and a scum.

Finance is a problem too raising money to pay your designer, makeup artist, photographer it’s a hustle especially if you don’t have support from anywhere.

Pachagazine: What are your future goals and where do you see yourself in the near future?

Quree: My future goals is to open up my own modeling agency that can accommodate any kid from any background.

I would also like to grow my active organization of helping young mother get education.

Pachagazine: How can people find you on social media?

Quree: On Facebook am Immah prime Quree

I also have a page on Facebook Quree Model.

On Instagram @254imma

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