Randap Adamz on Pachagazine

Pachagazine: Tells us about your self.

Randap Adamz: Am Randap Adamz a bongo music performing and recording artist.

Pachagazine: What got you to doing music?

Randap Adamz: Music is a part of me, from my childhood until now. I have been music and music is me.

Pachagazine: Are you fully in music or you are into other activities.

Randap Adamz: No. Am still a student.

Pachagazine: So how do you juggle being into both, music and studies.

Randap Adamz: I concentrate on my studies and do music at my free time.

Pachagazine: How many projects do you have?

Randap Adamz: I have six projects, all of which I have released this year.

Pachagazine: Any collabos?

Randap Adamz: Yeah, I have one which I just featured a hommie.

Pachagazine: So who do you look up to in the music industry as a role model?

Randap Adamz: G nako a Bongo artist from Tanzania

Pachagazine: Which kind of challenges do you come across as an upcoming artist?

Randap Adamz: My biggest challenge is a musical management to take care of my music as I do my studies.

Pachagazine: So where do you see yourself in the next coming 5yrs from now

Randap Adamz: To be good artist in Kenya

Pachagazine: So what should your fans expect from you in the near future

Randap Adamz: More good music. I wont disappointing.

Pachagazine: How can people find your work?

Randap Adamz: On my youtube channel

Randap Adamz – YouTube

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