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Pachagazine is diverse and our content is always unique but this feature is a breathing piece of art. Not only is he in enthusiast-ism and perfection but his vibe is also alive. Here we share the juice of an exclusive with The official CJ the chief justices of musical injustice.

Pachagazine: So let’s start with your real names, then the stage name.

Clean J: My real names are Johnson Kamau Muthee but my  stage name is Clean J.

Pachagazine: Where did you grew up from?

Clean J: Am from Lamu County, a place called Hongwe-Mpeketoni.

Pachagazine: When did you start your music journey?

Clean J: Way back while at class 4, that’s when I realized my passion in music. I used to play my dad’s guitar a lot, then perform some Diamond songs to my fellow students at class, but officially I started last year (2019) on March.

Pachagazine: Before music, what were you doing?

Clean J: I was still studying. I joined music school “NYOTA ACADEMY” where I specialized in guitar.

Pachagazine: Which music genre do you make?

Clean J: Afro-bongo and some Zouk/Kizomba.

Pachagazine: What first got you into music?

Clean J: I grew up passionate about doing music since my dad was also an artist although he didn’t produce his songs, so this even motivated me to propel his dream to come true through me.

Pachagazine: If you were not doing music, what would you have become?

Clean J: I would be a footballer cause I used to play for my school since class 5.

Pachagazine: And who is your icon in the field?

Clean J: Locally I would say Otile Brown I like his music and his persistence, International Diamond Platnumz is another inspiration.

Pachagazine: Can you take us through one of your projects.

Clean J: I have done 4 songs already, 1 video which is already on YouTube the others are Audios, it’s called Bring It On featuring Freyzee Lovesea, but more good music is on the hook and will be through soon.

Pachagazine: Any collaboration done?

Clean J: Yeah I have one with Freyzee Lovesea, but more are to come in my next projects.

Pachagazine: Who would you most likely want to collaborate with?

Clean J: Nadia Mukami, I would grab that chance right away if given that chance, without forgetting Otile Brown.

Pachagazine: Are you under any label currently?

Clean J: Not yet under any.

Pachagazine: What are the challenges that you come across with while doing music?

Clean J: Funding the project is a big Challenge. Nowadays production of quality music is expensive. Another challenge is getting airplay in main stream media, especially for coming talents.

Pachagazine: What do you love most in what you do (music)?

Clean J: Music has the ability to make you feel every kind of emotion, kwa sababu watu huwa hawachoki kusikiza mziki mzuri, watauskiza kwa muda mrefu, so napenda sana nikiandika lyrics na ziwe na ubunifu wa hali ya juu.

Pachagazine: What advice would you give to those who look up to you.

Clean J: If you are planning or already in this industry, you must consider this things;

1. Prayers

2. Hard work

3. Persistence

Pachagazine: In the next few years, where do you see yourself musically and you personally?

Clean J: I will have build the foundation of my brand widely in Africa and have a musical label which will help upcoming artists.

Pachagazine: How can people find you music?

Clean J:

@YouTube: Clean J Official

@Facebook: Cleean J KE

@Instagram: Cleanjofficial_

@Twitter: Clean J Official

Clean J: Tuzidi kufuata maagizo ya serikali, tuvalie barakoa mahali popote na social distancing pia tuzingatie, alafu tuombe Mungu sana atuondolee hili janga.

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