Jimmy Thee Artist

Jimmy Thee Artist

On another exclusive, Pachagazine gets to feature a gospel minister, and a performing and recording gospel music enthusiast, Jimmy Thee Artist who takes as through his musical journey.

Pachagazine: Tell us about Jimmy Thee Artist

Jimmy: My name is JAMES KARIUKI GITHENJI and professionally referred to as Jimmy Thee Artist.

Jimmy Thee Artist is a Kenyan gospel artist/minister born and raised in Kajiado County. My music is all about giving hope and generally winning more souls to the kingdom of God.

Pachagazine: What inspired you to doing music ?

Jimmy: Music has been part of me since childhood. Basically I would say First its my passion, secondly it is the life I have gone through and what I see my friends going through and lastly the word of God inspires me a lot to do music.

Pachagazine: Which genre of music are you into?

Jimmy: For now i do Afro Pop type of music but am also diverse I can blend well with any style.

Pachagazine: How long have you been doing music?

Jimmy: I have been in music professional for four years now.

Pachagazine: Going through your channel, I have seen your music is been distributed by Ngomma Catalogue, take us through your music journey.

Jimmy: Yes, Ngomma VAS are in charge of distributing my music and also monetizing my YouTube channel.

I started music proportionally in 2016, whereby I recorded and released my first debut song sababu and that’s where the journey started. After that I have recorded and released other four songs including one collabo with my fellow gospel artist Flex Muziki formerly of the Camp David Music Group.

I also have my latest release titled Uzuri wako which is just a few days old and it is already up on my YouTube channel and currently performing very well so far.

Pachagazine: Can you collaborate with a Gengetone artist in music?

Jimmy: No,basically Jimmy Thee Artist is strictly a gospel minister and before doing any collabo I have to see what the other artist has to offer and also He/she has to be of good morals.

Pachagazine: What could you be doing right know is you were not doing music?

Jimmy: Apart from music I would be doing more music Because I am also a professional music producer hence I would be in music sill doing production.

Pachagazine: Who do you look up to in the gospel music industry?

Jimmy: I have so many artist I look up to but my top artist is Guardian Angel, he inspires me a lot and my music style is similar to his.

Pachagazine: apart from music what else are you into on your day to day activities?

Jimmy: Apart from music am also a business man dealing with different businesses.

Pachagazine: how do you see the local music industry, and if you could change something in the industry, what could it be?

Jimmy: The local music industry is growing slowly day by day. what I would want to change is making the local Kenyan music the first priority in all media stations in that ,more local content would be given more air play and be on rotation every day.

Jimmy Thee Artist (Left) and Willy M Tuva (Right)

Pachagazine: Are you in a relationship?

Jimmy: Yes, I am currently dating and hoping to wed soon.

Pachagazine: Tell us about your new song and what should your fans expect next of you?

Jimmy: Yes I have a new jam out titled “UZURI WAKO“. Uzuri wako is basically talking all about God’s goodness and all that He has done in my life. Generally I would say its a thanksgiving song on which everyone can relate to.

My fans should expect more of Jimmy‘s new Music, Good content and strictly gospel all the way.

Jimmy: I would like to send some shout out to my producers and directors who have made all my music possible. My  supportive family and to all my loyal fans who support my music fully.

Pachagazine: how can people follow you and find your music?

Jimmy: You can follow me on

Instagram as: @Jimmythee_artist

Facebook : @JimmyRizz (Jimmy Thee Artist)

And you can find my music on

YouTube –Jimmy Thee Artist

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