Brayo silweyz on Pachagazine

Brayo silweyz on Pachagazine

Pachagazine: What’s your stage name?

Brayo Silweyz: Brayo silweyz

Pachagazine: What is your real name?

Brayo Silweyz: My name is Brian Silwe Omondi

Pachagazine: In a nutshell how would you describe Brayo Silweyz?

Brayo Silweyz: First of all, to those who don’t know I have like 7songs 5 piece of poetry

My first song is called DABO DABO by Brayo silweyz ft Anest

Then FITIYOwhich is people’s favorite by Brayo silweyz

Followed by CHAMPE meaning champions all available on YouTube

And an emerging collabo with Almah the OG called watakubali”.

Brayo silweyz is one person who has gone through a lot in life having being raised by a single mother in the streets of Nakuru and the challenges I faced as I was growing up made me who I am today. That’s why I put more effort in my hustle (fashion lord) and music so that one day by means of this music career I will one day change the situation back home n make mama proud.

Pachagazine: Who inspired you to make music?

Brayo Silweyz: I guess the deprived state in my family (mum my two siblings and I)

I can remember one time I was sent home due to school fees, and I ended up missing school for almost a term. At this time, I used to watch TV shows seeing how people are emerging from underprivileged background and noticed their story isn’t different from mine. I realized I could use my passion and talent of doing music to better my life and my family.

Pachagazine: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Brayo Silweyz: Good music and inspirational to other people.

I can say am a versatile artist because music is an art and art is wide. I can do variety of things with this art further more am also a poet FYI call me “Lanti Mshairi

Generally, am an architect of good music and inspirational to other peoplee.

Pachagazine: What is your creative process like?

Brayo Silweyz: It depends if I may say

I write about something I have seen and got inspired. But mostly I focus in life issues or things happening in our society

Pachagazine: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Brayo Silweyz: The list is endless but am not that choosy though it may depend with the skills, effort, personality and the impact that the collabo will bring to our career.

But collabo locally the OG because he is my namesake Brayo.  Octopizzo and Avril also can do.

Silweyz with magix enga
Silweyz with magix enga

Pachagazine: What else do you do apart from music?

Brayo Silweyz: Apart from music I own Twins collection clothing line at Nakuru. People know me as Brayo Maluku or “drip lord.

Pachagazine: What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far in your music career?

Brayo Silweyz: Dealing with critic, convincing fans and brand marketing. Financial issue is also a problem am not that stable.

Pachagazine: What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

Brayo Silweyz: Seeing myself making smile in many faces through my music is gorgeous. But I hate those who take advantages of me like msani tuma kitu”.

Pachagazine: Do you have a team or you are signed into a musical label?

Brayo Silweyz: Currently am working solo

Not signed anywhere not under any label just in dependents artist but can give credits to Dween Yoyo Music he marinates me with ideas

Pachagazine: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Brayo Silweyz: Babu wanted me to be a teacher but that’s a story for another day. (Laughs) Maybe I could be a comedian am funny.

Pachagazine: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Brayo Silweyz: Internet has brought a major platform to the artist more so us like for now selling and spreading music in within and across the borders is much easier.

Pachagazine: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Brayo Silweyz: Yes, if it’s a cold shower, music makes me earnest.

Pachagazine: What is your favourite song to perform?

Brayo Silweyz: FITIYO because I did it in my hard times but the support it got from my fans was overwhelming.
FITIYOwhich is people’s favorite by Brayo silweyz

Pachagazine: Which famous musicians do you look up to?

Brayo Silweyz: Yawa! who else OCTOPIZZO man he so classic like, I even wish I could do a song with him and people be like “Young Octopizzo!” (Laughs)

Pachagazine: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Brayo Silweyz: Grandpa once told me that every tree that bares fruits will be stone hunted.

Pachagazine: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Brayo Silweyz: One day Brayo silweyz will make you proud and will be a big deal something they never expected and I will never disappoint you. Am working day and night to make it as Team silweyz.

Pachagazine: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Brayo Silweyz: I was caught selling sweets in high school and asked to explain how I got them, it was obvious that I sneaked. Sema “salaam aliyekum” (Laughs).

Pachagazine: What’s next for you?

Brayo Silweyz: Something big for the family coming up its a collabo with an amazing rapper Almah na “watakaubali” as the name suggest

More to come after this.

Pachagazine: How do you make your music stand out from the rest?

Brayo Silweyz: My creativity differs from the rest

Pachagazine: what’s your biggest fear?

Brayo Silweyz: Failing to make it up for my mama. I want to give her some aristocratic life.

Failing to accomplish my musical goals.

Pachagazine: where do you see your self some few years to come

Brayo Silweyz: Being used as an example coz I will be top adi top and big names in the game trust that.

Pachagazine: what would you want your fans to remember you with as your legacy?

Brayo Silweyz: Passion n hard working efforts I will put to make it happen n transformation I will bring.

Pachagazine: Are you dating or married?

Brayo Silweyz: Married hell no (laughs)

Single and searching for money not honey but as Brayo you obviously know if she is cute, I definitely chase.

Pachagazine: If you were to date a female celebrity, who would it be?

Brayo Silweyz: Avril.

Pachagazine: Where can people find your music?

Brayo Silweyz: My music is on YouTube as Brayo Msani Silweyz


Brayo Silweyz: Shout out to my Mama Mary my two siblings Feja and Rehema

Jaja and babu Wilson

To my die-hard fans big up and everyone who is part of this journey thank so much

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