Emerge by
Mlaguzy Music

Emerge In sheng slang means kuomoka.

decided to have that mindset of growing both musically and physically and also
mentally I have the same state of mind.

this episode I am getting ready to drop will be expressing and selling a more
personal side of Mlaguzy.

Ep is about me
, my life in music and the struggle. I featured not only
regular artists but those who have been with me through the process.

Ep has a number of bonus tracks in store after the official release
The bonus tracks of the
Emerge episode also they sums up the body of the Ep.

may see very well in Emerge I did a use the time in quarantine wisely

first five songs off Emerge are titled

§  “Yes I can (Spoken

§  “Mongola ya Nyuma ft.
Drafted Reece,”

§  “Hard Sana ft. Triga

§  “Fight the Fights ft. Crow

§  “Brighter Days ft. Romah,”

§  “Immortal Rhymes ft.
Mkalambete Thee Lyrical Chef,” and

§  “Enda Home ft. Blockboy


inaugural ep will arrive in 31st October, followed by the other three bonus
tracks before Christmas. One of the tracks will feature my blood brother Narti,
Skwinchi Mavitu and San Andre as I had promised a bonus track “Trr” for the
uncertain festive season.


nuh sure if outside it a go be safe for performances this Christmas,” due to
the rising cases of Covid-19 “but we hope for the best.”


set release date for the first full-length ep 31st Oct 2020. ( Now out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq3S0KRrg3s74WAWt98hGJBSKHPF2de__ 

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