Actress Azziad Nasenya

Speaking on a local radio show, hosted by Mwende Macharia, April 7th, Utaweza hitmakers Mejja (okwonko)and Femi One agreed to the fact that #UtawezanaChallange gave a hand in promotion of their new music video Utaweza.

The two said that the challenge did not only help spark the video popularity but it also brought tranquility to Kenya’s in this had time of the corona virus pandemic.

Even though the duo didn’t mention, the credit should have been for Azziad Nasenya.

Azziad Nasenya

The #UtawezanaChallange rocked the social media after renowned pretty Actress and dancer Azziad Nasenya shared a dance video online which went viral. The video triggered a series of more videos of the same theme through the hashtag #UtawezanaChallange.

She even trigger more attention after AS Roma Twitter Swahili account tweeted the name “Azziad” which it is belived it after after watching the video of Azziad which was ternding number #1 at the time.

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