As of 19/3/20 Thursday, Italy has registered 41,035 diagnoses of the coronavirus and 3,405 deaths. That surpasses China’s death toll of about 3,200, despite Italy implementing a nationwide lockdown to contain the outbreak.

A team of 13 Chinese medical staff arrived in Milan, Italy to help contain the Covid_19 pandemic. They will share their experience with local experts and provide guidance and consultation for corona virus control and treatment.

Earlier this month, Italy became the first Western country to launch a nationwide lockdown to contain the outbreak, but despite strict measures, the number of cases continues to rise.

Italy is treating the coronavirus pandemic like a wartime emergency. Health officials are scrambling to set up more beds. In Milan, the old fairgrounds is being turned into an emergency COVID-19 hospital with 500 new beds; across the country, hospitals are setting up inflatable tents outdoors for triage.

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