the eyes of darkness dean koontz

the eyes of darkness dean koontz

Dean Koontz’s book The Eyes Of Darkness is getting a lot of renewed attention now, despite being nearly 40 years old. The book mentions a deadly virus called the “Wuhan 400,” which he described as a “severe pneumonia-like illness” that spreads attacking “the lungs and bronchial tubes” and “resisting all known treatments.”

the eyes of darkness dean koontz
A picture on a page of the novel the eyes of darkness by dean koontz

He’s not the only person who seemed to have predicted the virus — or just had a good imagination to come up something which happened to partially overlap with actual events. So-called “psychic” Sylvia Browne supposedly predicted something like the corona virus in her End Of Days book that, apparently, some of the Kardashians have read and recently quoted.

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