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This Week We Get a Close talk with Ranja Mistari.

Ranja Mistari
Ranja Mistari Kenyan Rapper

Pachagazine: Who’s Ranja Mistari?
Ranja: Ranja Mistari is a Kenyan rapper hailing from Rongai . I started loving music when I was a kid under Angie’s ( my elder sister) influence. It was always in my heart that one day I’d hit the studio and make some magic but at that time I was always silent and Lowkey about my gift . I was always the man of the hour on my primary school PPI’s on Friday Mornings and I’d remake Eko Dydda’s and Juliani’s lyrics then present it to the class. I first hit the studio in form 3 and did a “not so gospel song ” then took a long break till I finished high school . I later recorded my first single in February 2018 and from then Ranja Mistari as a brand has always been growing . It was such a humbling experience getting to be nominated to awards such as xtreeme awards with only one track out.

Pachagazine: How did you come up with your name?
Ranja: Ranja is derived from my second name Karanja then Mistari is my branding name.

Pachatgazine: Who do you consider as your Role Model?
Ranja: Kenya’s leading hype man/mc Gudah Man, i look up to him so much and he has been of help alot.

Pachagazine: Your genre is Hip Hop, why Hip Hop.
Ranja: Well Hip Hop gives me a chance to air out what’s in me and express my relationshipq with God, but once i did Afro Pop and it wasn’t bad.

Ranja Mistari
Ranja Mistari-Rapper

Pachagazine: Your songs where do you get inspiration?
Ranja: Normally based on my real life and the Bible too.

Pachagazine: What makes your music deferent?
Ranja: Its all about not compromising to what the world is doing and that’s what I ask God for strength in.

Pachagazine: Tell us about this upcoming Album Launch you’ve been featured.
Ranja: Yeah, Yeah , its called the Mizani Ya Uzani album . its a collaborative album that has carried bar heavy rappers from Kenya and has indepthly expounded the issues in our present day society . I’m very excited to be part of such a historic album.

Pachagazine; Awesome, so what do we expect from you in the future?
Ranja: Nothing but good music.

Pachagazine: And all the best in your career.

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