nandy na billnass

On a radio interview, Nandy cleared the air about dating his ex-boyfriend Billnas.

On the interview on which both were present, they revealed why they call them selfves PYG and PYB for Nandy and Billnas respectively.

Billnas said he used to call Nandy pretty young girl (PYG) and after their reunion, Nandy started to call him pretty young boy (PYG).

They also said that they separated because they were still young and not because of anything serious.

Billnas also reviled that the collaboration they did with Nandi “bugana”  caused problems in his relationship with her girlfriend.

nandy add billnass

When Nandy was asked if they can get back together, she said that she still loves Billnas the same she loved her while dating.

She also denied caring Willy Paul baby and said she had never carried any pregnancy.

They also unveiled that they are going to release other music together.

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