Govt Tells Mugabe’s Family to Pay $2.5M Catering Fees On Their Own

The government has reportedly told the family of the late former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe to pay for $2.5 million for catering services provided by Nyaradzo Group for Mugabe’s funeral.

Zim Morning Post reports that the government asserts that the family of the former ZANU PF boss contracted Nyaradzo without government approval. An unnamed who spoke to Zim Morning Post said:

The family wanted Nyaradzo because of the quality of services yet government says it only has a contract with Doves to provide services for the Heroes.

Government, through Home affairs, also provides catering services so it has since said the Mugabe family should settle the Nyaradzo bill which is likely to run into millions.

Since Wednesday, Nyaradzo has been providing meals at the Blue Roof and for the past five days the bill is at ZW$2,5 million.

This is likely to go even higher because Mugabe family says the veteran leader will only be buried after 30 days as they have requested the construction of a mausoleum at the Heroes Acre.

What is disturbing is that the bill has been handed to Home affairs who in turn say they never contracted Nyaradzo Group.

An anonymous top Home Affairs ministry official told Zim Morning Post that government was not going to pay for the services since they did not contract Nyaradzo. The official added that the government had several cheap options.

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