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Today’s chatty stars are members of Zimeshika Sana family musicl lable. The hit makars of Handana (Pandana Re-fix).

Who are Zimeshika family?

Zimeshika Sana Family Est © 2017, is an up and coming rap movement & record label representing 25flow a new music genre with the aim of promoting Kenyan music throughout the entire world. From then we have grown gradually and successfully over the past years. We here at Zimeshika Sana Family would like to take the time out and say thanks for all our loyal fans & believers from day one and prospective ones to come. We look forward to continue promoting the Kenyan Music Content and all that it has to offer.

You are a label, does this mean you produce your own music?

Currently no, but we are working with 1 Kay records

Which genre of music are you doing?

We’re doing multiple genre there isn’t a specific genre, we decided to call it “25 flow” a term of showing that the Muslim is made in Kenya, by Kenyans to the world.

What makes your music stand out the current competition?

We make our genre unique by the use SHENG (SH – Swahili ENG – English) slang to share. What makes our music stand out is that we try making more legendary tracks than hits.
Real is rare and we’re real to the thing.

Why did you decide to do a re-fix of pandana?

“Handana,” pandana remix was a way of paying tribute to Ethic entertainment and all other music groups that are on the rise. We respect each because they have played part in the #PlayKeMusi movement and now local talent is air playing more than the Nigeria’s music at least now people appreciate their own. This motivates us and it’s hope that we’ve been looking for, for now we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Youths are being supported in their talents local talents get air plays now it’s just our work to make good music.

When did you start working together.?

We were raised together from the beginning but started focusing on our talents on 2017 due to increased extra judicial killing in the hood. It was a way that we kept ourselves busy and gave us hope that one day we will make and move from the streets without being involved in petty crimes. Zimeshika sana family members can’t be numbered.

Is this your first music as Zimeshika Sana family?

We have done many tracks together.

Do you always work together or you have sol projects?

We don’t limit artists to what they want, we can make songs as an individual or a collaboration.
We can even make a song with someone outside of the family.

Which hood is the group from?

The group began in Ongata Rongai (1ne 2wo 5ive) and started spreading to the nearest hoods around it.
From 125-126 Rongai, Kiserian, Ngong 111 and soon we will be all over the globe

Are you planning to release more music together?

We are working on our progress in this music business so fans should expect more music videos from the group, Ep’s and Mix-tape soon.

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