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This Week We Get a Close talk with Dandy Boy.

Pachagazine: Who’s DandyBoy, tell us briefly about yourself.
DandyBoy: Dandyboy is a Kenyan Artist from Nandi County who does Bongo, Dansehall and Hip-hop music.

musical artist dandyboy
Musician: Dandyboy

Pachagazine: You’ve mentioned some genres, which one do you major with?
DandyBoy: Currently in Hip Hop.

Pachagazine: Why Hip Hop, why major on that genre?
DandyBoy: That’s the one am good in, i prefer that genre simply because it’s way easier to pass the message.

Pachagazine:Who do you consider as your role model?
DandyBoy: Harmonize, i love his work, he’s a perfectionist.

Pachagazine: What makes your music deferent from others?
DandyBoy: I consider mine, kinda deferent because i sing about real life, what’s happening in our society today.

Pachagazine: Have you released any song..? And if so can you tell us more of it, more about it,,,! What it entails.
DandyBoy: Yeah known as “Power” it is a charity song that talks about bringing all needy people together and powering them with light so that they can understand that we are equal and able to do what others do.

Pachagazine: So what do we expect from you in the future?
DandyBoy: A lot of good music, just good music.

Pachagazine: How can people reach you, social media platforms!
DandyBoy: In all platform Dandyboy Artiste Ke, then YouTube Dandyboy Ke

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