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Samsung Galaxy Fold to Launch Despite Display Cracking Issue

Samsung said it has received “a few” reports of damage to the displays of samples of its upcoming foldable smartphone, raising the prospect of a less-then-smooth entry for the splashy $1,980 Galaxy Fold.
The Galaxy Fold, on sale from April 26 in the United States, resembles a conventional smartphone but opens like a book to reveal a second display the size of a small tablet at 7.3 inches (18.5 cm). The design, matched by Huawei’s Mate X, was hailed as the future in a field that has seen few surprises since Apple Inc’s iPhone in 2007.
Yet ahead of the launch, journalists supplied with review samples reported malfunctions after only a day or two of use.
“We will thoroughly inspect these units … to determine the cause of the matter,” Samsung said in a statement.

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